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Education Penelope Lively
Reading in the Bodleian for her very first essay (on the topic Who were the Jutes?) conveyed to her that this was a question with no simple answer: people were still arguing about it...
Education Mary Augusta Ward
She embarked on a course of independent study at the Bodleian Library , concentrating on Spanish literature and history.
Sutherland, John. Mrs. Humphry Ward. Clarendon Press, 1990.
Ward, Mary Augusta. A Writer’s Recollections. Harper and Brothers, 1918.
Education Mary Augusta Ward
Following her marriage and during her child-bearing years, she also continued to pursue her intellectual career, reading at the Bodleian , and devoting much of the 1870s to history and criticism.
Sutherland, John. Mrs. Humphry Ward. Clarendon Press, 1990.
Education Carola Oman
When CO was eight her father took her on a first visit to the Bodleian Library ; she came home and asked for a bookcase for her next birthday. At this age she worshippedShelley
Family and Intimate relationships Aphra Behn
AB 's biographer Janet Todd identifies Amyntas, her London lover after her Antwerp period, as Jeffrey Boys , a young lawyer. He called her Astrea. His diary for 1667, now in the Bodleian Library
Family and Intimate relationships Rose Macaulay
While there he did free-lance translations and edited school texts to support his family.
Emery, Jane. Rose Macaulay: A Writer’s Life. John Murray, 1991.
In August 1894 he moved the family back to England, to live in Oxford, where he did literary research...
Family and Intimate relationships Elinor James
He was about twenty-two, and had finished his apprenticeship to become a Freeman of the Stationers' Company earlier this year. He was grandson of Thomas James , first Keeper of the Bodleian Library in Oxford...
Friends, Associates Ruth Pitter
Despite her singularly unleisured lifestyle, RP had a remarkable talent for friendship, which extended to people with whom she might be expected to have little in common. Her friendship with Lord David Cecil brought her...
Friends, Associates Mary Augusta Ward
In 1868 Mary Augusta Arnold met Mark Pattison , Rector of Lincoln College and a prominent Oxford scholar, and his wife, Emily Francis Pattison , a former art student and connoisseur. Unconventional and bohemian, the...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Thomas
ET had begun corresponding with Mary, Lady Chudleigh , who had sent her a copy of her poem The Ladies Defence; they became intimate friends.
ET's signed copy of Chudleigh's Poems is now in the Bodleian Library .
Mills, Rebecca. "Thanks for that Elegant Defense": Polemical Prose and Poetry by Women in the Early Eighteenth Century. Oxford University, 2000.
Mills, Rebecca. "Thanks for that Elegant Defense": Polemical Prose and Poetry by Women in the Early Eighteenth Century. Oxford University, 2000.
Friends, Associates Susan Ferrier
Though at least partly resident in Edinburgh, SF did not mingle with the literary set known as the Edinburgh Bluestockings.
Cullinan, Mary. Susan Ferrier. Twayne, 1984.
Apart from her large circle of siblings and in-laws, her closest friends were Charlotte Clavering
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Thomas
ET was personally acquainted with many cultivated women, for instance Sarah Hoadly (a painter who had trained with Mary Beale ), and her cousin Anne Osborne (the Clemena of her poetry).
Mills, Rebecca. "Thanks for that Elegant Defense": Polemical Prose and Poetry by Women in the Early Eighteenth Century. Oxford University, 2000.
She was a...
Literary responses Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
Bound in with the Bodleian 's copy of ?1795 is a fair scribal copy of Verses addressed to the Duchess of Devonshire upon reading her poem written in Switzerland, in 23 stanzas by W. Drummond
Literary responses Anne Killigrew
AK 's death was lamented in at least three poems. Her father printed in her PoemsDryden 's ode on her death, which links her painting and poetry, and subordinates both arts to her virtue...
Literary responses Jane Johnson
Barbara and George Johnson took Vast Delight in hearing [this story] told over & over.
C., M. “Notable Accessions. Western MSS”. Bodleian Library Record, No. 2, pp. 165 - 8.
A member of the Bodleian staff called this notebook an important manuscript in the history of children's literature.
C., M. “Notable Accessions. Western MSS”. Bodleian Library Record, No. 2, pp. 165 - 8.


Between 1355 and 1366
The first surviving road-map of Great Britain, now known as the Gough Map after the antiquarian Richard Gough , was produced.
About 1400
An important manuscript book in Welsh, compiled this year, is now known as the Llyfr Coch o Hergest or Red Book of Hergest. It survives in the Bodleian Library at Oxford.
François I issued an ordinance requiring publishers throughout France to deposit a copy of every new book published in the Royal Library at Blois.
18 April 1593
Shakespeare 's first published work, the narrative poemVenus and Adonis, was registered with the Stationers' Company ; the only recorded copy is in the Bodleian Library .
8 November 1602
The Bodleian Library , Oxford, first admitted readers (nearly five years after Sir Thomas Bodley 's original offer to restore Duke Humfrey's Library).
12 December 1610
The Stationers' Company agreed to deposit, free of charge, in the Bodleian Library one copy of every book that was published.
11 July 1637
The Bodleian Library 's right to one copy of each new book published in Britain was re-established by order of Archbishop Laud , who happened at the time to be Chancellor of Oxford University .
Before 1638
William Page , Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford , created a proto-feminist text entitled Womens Worth: A Treatise proveing by sundrie reasons that woemen do excell men.
From 1662
The King's Library (now part of the British Library ) and Cambridge University Library enjoyed the legal right to a copy of every book published in Britain (a right granted to the Bodleian on 11...
From about 1667
John Aubrey wrote the biographical jottings on authors and other celebrities known to posterity as his Brief Lives, as part of his extensive compilation of manuscript information on many topics.
Ann Bathurst , a middle-class member of Jane Lead 's religious sect, was visited by an angel; as a consequence she began to keep a diary of her visions.
Oxford scholar Thomas Hearne published through the university press the first of the nine volumes of The Itinerary of John Leland , Antiquary.
4 April 1788
At about the time that he lost his religious faith, William Godwin began keeping a diary, which he continued almost daily until 26 March 1836, only two weeks before he died.
Alexander Dyce , then a twenty-seven-year-old reluctant clergyman, published his Specimens of British Poetesses, a project in rediscovering women's literary history.
Nearly a decade after Felicia Hemans 's Dartmoor, a poem, Sophie Dixon published at Plymouth two journals, in prose and verse, of excursions around the moor.