Susan Ferrier

Standard Name: Ferrier, Susan
Birth Name: Susan Edmonstone Ferrier
Nickname: Roe
Pseudonym: The Author of Marriage
SF was a conservative early nineteenth-century novelist of Edinburgh manners, who builds her novels out of acute observation, wit, moralising, and literary quotation.
Engraving of Susan Ferrier based on the half-length portrait by Robert Thorburn, 1836. She looks straight forward, wearing a huge lacy bonnet and a large, lacy collar or neckerchief over a dress in shiny fabric. She has a pocket watch on a long chain. A glimpse of landscape is visible behind.
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Friends, Associates Eliza Fletcher
Hamilton, herself a conservative, set about de-demonizing EF 's political reputation. She had good success in persuading her friends that Mrs Fletcher was not the ferocious Democrat she had been represented, and that she neither...
Friends, Associates Henry Peter, Baron Brougham
Brougham had a number of friends among women writers. He was at primary school in Edinburgh with Susan Ferrier (who, however, declined to acknowledge him later, probably for political reasons). His political work brought him...
Friends, Associates Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
They had houses, or mansions, in Tyrone, in Scotland, and at Stanmore Priory near London; they treated the celebrated writer as a kind of household pet, even making fun of her nationalist...
Friends, Associates Lady Charlotte Bury
An early acquaintance was the future novelist Susan Ferrier (nearly eight years her junior), who often visited Inverary Castle with her father, who was estate manager to Lady Charlotte's father and worked on legal busines...
Leisure and Society Elizabeth Jenkins
In wartime lunch hours EJ used to browse in the bookshops of Tottenham Court Road: among items for sale she noticed Susan Ferrier 's The Inheritance, 1824, and one of the fifty privately-printed...
Literary responses Susanna Centlivre
SC is said to have made a very good living from the theatre in the later years of her career, and to have cannily invested her savings in portable property like jewellery and silverware.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Literary responses Mary Ann Kelty
Reviewers praised this novel for its depiction of character and its intimate knowledge of the human heart.The Monthly Magazine singled out its impeccable morality, suitable for a young and female readership.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
To Harriet Martineau
Literary responses Lady Charlotte Bury
She herself thought this better than her novels, but Thackeray satirised it as Heavenly Chords; A Collection of Sacred Strains by Lady Frances Juliana Flummery. Susan Ferrier agreed with the author that the prayers...
Literary responses Catherine Sinclair
Timothy C. Baker has noted that recent scholarship follows CS 's contemporaries in overlooking her adult novels. For the monument-makers, Sinclair's fame rests on a combination of civic and literary achievement; curiously, however, her widely...
Literary responses Lady Charlotte Bury
Susan Ferrier , having helped to ease the novel's passage into print, wrote to one of her sisters with a very early copy, saying that she thought it had beautiful descriptions but too many of...
Literary responses Lady Charlotte Bury
Edward Copeland argues that this text, though designed to ride the wave of the new silver-fork novel, draws its influences from an earlier generation: Frances Burney , Susan Ferrier , and Richardson 's Sir Charles...
Publishing Lady Charlotte Bury
Susan Ferrier helped with this first publication since LCB 's second marriage—the first that belongs to the decades of her novelistic career—by submitting it to Blackwood , her own publisher, as early as January 1820...
Reception Mary Ann Kelty
Susan Ferrier 's sister Helen Kinloch saw Trials: A Tale as a sad comedown after The Favourite of Nature: she joked that it was a trial to read.
Ferrier, Susan, and John Ferrier. Memoir and Correspondence of Susan Ferrier, 1782-1854. Doyle, John AndrewEditor , Eveleigh Nash and Grayson, 1929.
Reception Catherine Sinclair
Moira Burgess , writing on Scottish women's fiction, found Beatrice's tone and sentiment a startling departure from Sinclair's earlier work, but concluded that in those disturbing mid-century years of industrial revolution and sudden Irish...
Textual Features Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne
In the traditional version of The Laird o' Cockpen (he's proud and he's great), the laird opts for marriage with a girl of lower rank: this song reinforced the comforting idea that true...


2 July 1798
The conservative Lady's Monthly Museum: or polite repository of amusement and instruction published its first number. Sometimes called The Ladies' Monthly Museum . . . it ran until the 1830s.