Alexander Dyce

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Anthologization Alicia D'Anvers
In 1825 the Rev. Alexander Dyce showed his breadth of reading by including some of ADA 's work in Specimens of British Poetesses
Salzman, Paul. “How Alexander Dyce Assembled Specimens of British Poetesses: A Key Moment in the Transmission of Early Modern Women’s Writing”. Women’s Writing, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 88-105.
Her two Oxford poems are now available on-line from the Women Writers Project
Friends, Associates Mary Russell Mitford
Another group of MRM 's friends were literary and also theatrical men: Barry Cornwall , Allan Cunningham , the Rev. Alexander Dyce , and William Macready .
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder.
Besides Sir William Elford (who had been a...
Literary responses Anna Maria Bennett
Mary Russell Mitford read the Beggar Girl with delight as a schoolgirl in Chelsea, liking it not only for the character and the liveliness, but for the abundant story—incident toppling after incident; all sufficiently natural...
Literary responses Margaret Cavendish
These verse eulogies or testimonials came from distinguished persons and institutions to whom she had presented copies of her work. It circulated widely: the Dutch poet Constantijn Huygens owned one of her books.
Smith, Emma. Shakespeare’s First Folio: Four Centuries of an Iconic Book. Oxford University Press.
Literary responses Mary Leapor
ML was by no means forgotten after her first discovery. She was praised in John Duncombe 's Feminiadand accorded the largest share of space in Poems by Eminent Ladies.William Cowper , who...
Literary responses Katherine Philips
KP was never wholly forgotten. Alexander Dyce , anthologizing her in 1825, said her work was impregnated with thought.
Salzman, Paul. “How Alexander Dyce Assembled Specimens of British Poetesses: A Key Moment in the Transmission of Early Modern Women’s Writing”. Women’s Writing, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 88-105.
The late twentieth-century reawakening of interest in KP began with her poems of female friendship...
Literary responses Eleanor Anne Porden
Mary Russell Mitford was given this poem to review by Whittaker ; it was then that she met EAP .
L’Estrange, Alfred Guy Kingham, editor. The Friendships of Mary Russell Mitford as Recorded in Letters from Her Literary Correspondents. Hurst and Blackett.
1: 121
Alexander Dyce named Coeur de Lion as EAP 's best work. When she...
Reception Elizabeth Cary, Viscountess Falkland
ECF's name was at least kept alive by Alexander Dyce 's inclusion of her in Specimens of British Poetesses, 1825. Recent interest in her writings has generated a good deal of research and new...
Reception Elizabeth Tollet
Sir Tanfield Leman in the Monthly Review approached this volume with some gendered condescension (which may be the explanation for his finding ET by implication excessively serious). He pronounced that she was not in the...
Reception Elizabeth Tollet
Nineteenth-century anthologists Alexander Dyce and Frederic Rowton chose their selection of Tollet's poems from that of Southey.
Londry, Michael, and Elizabeth Tollet. The Poems of Elizabeth Tollet. Oxford University.
Mid-century critic Jane Williams thought Tollet lacked the vitalizing spark of genius, even though her correct metre...
Textual Production Catherine Gore
This play was written in a bid to win a prize of £500 in a contest, sponsored by Benjamin Webster of the Haymarket , for the best modern comedy illustrative of British manners.
Donkin, Ellen. “Mrs. Gore gives tit for tat”. Women and Playwriting in Nineteenth-Century Britain, edited by Tracy C. Davis and Ellen Donkin, Cambridge University Press, pp. 54-74.
Textual Production Mary Russell Mitford
MRM took a keen interest in the reputations of women writers. She planned in 1821 to write an essay on Miss Austen 's novels, which are by no means valued as they deserve
Mitford, Mary Russell. The Life of Mary Russell Mitford: Told by Herself in Letters To Her Friends. Editor L’Estrange, Alfred Guy Kingham, Harper and Brothers.
1: 357


25 June 1652: Eliza's Babes, or The Virgins-Offering, a...

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25 June 1652

Eliza's Babes, or The Virgins-Offering, a book of poetry, was published now (according to George Thomason ): the work of an anonymous Lady, who onely desires to advance the glory of God, and not her own.

1825: Alexander Dyce, then a twenty-seven-year-old...

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Alexander Dyce , then a twenty-seven-year-old reluctant clergyman, published his Specimens of British Poetesses, a project in rediscovering women's literary history.


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