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Anthologization Eleanor Rathbone
ER contributed an essay to the Economic Journal which was reprinted in September as The Remuneration of Women's Services in The Making of Women: Oxford Essays in Feminism.
Pedersen, Susan. Family, Dependence, and the Origins of the Welfare State: Britain and France, 1914-1945. Cambridge University Press.
Pedersen, Susan. Eleanor Rathbone and the Politics of Conscience. Yale University Press.
Birth May Cannan
She thus records her entry into the all-male institution of Oxford University in the nineteenth century. She goes on: There was already an elder sister and it had been a son that had been hoped...
Characters Enid Bagnold
Mrs Basil, a wealthy, eccentric woman, owner of a large country house (a fairly obvious self-portrait) entertains a weekend house-party composed of her beloved grandson Niggie and his unconventional friends from Oxford : a homosexual...
Characters Ethel Mannin
Starridge is a recent Oxford graduate whom his family and acquaintance find distinctly odd. He is unable to relate to others and prefers working as a freelance poet to employment in his father's accountancy firm...
Characters Evelyn Waugh
Its young male protagonist, recently an Oxford undergraduate, is enabled by his stupid attempt at suicide to achieve a brief, exalted feeling of being poised between life and death. The technique is experimental, drawing on...
Characters Winifred Peck
It is her mother, Ione decides, who is the rock of this house, while her father is the sands—a splendid stretch with good safe bathing, but sand all the same!
Peck, Winifred. Veiled Destinies. Faber and Faber.
Amid the mixing of...
Characters Elizabeth Boyd
A first prologue addresses Pope , and invokes the ghosts of Shakespeare (The Wonder, as the Glory of the Land) and Dryden (Shakespear's Freind) as mentors to EB 's performance in...
Characters Jennifer Dawson
This, building like so many of her works on her own experiences, reverts to her unhappy time as a student at Oxford . The protagonist is Claire, a college secretary who reflects back in the...
Characters Mary Augusta Ward
Isabel Bretherton is a beautiful but untaught actress from the colonies (born of a Scots father and Italian mother). She falls in love with an Oxford scholar, Eustace Kendal. but is deeply wounded by his...
Characters Evelyn Sharp
The protagonist of the opening story has covered herself with glory as a student of Greek at Oxfprd , but she still has no means of earning a living except work as a governess. In...
Characters Mary Augusta Ward
The book is a tribute to the OxfordMAW so loved. The book traces the arrival of an orphaned heiress at the home of her uncle, a married and financially struggling Reader in classics at...
Characters Ella Hepworth Dixon
Peggy describes her ephemeral admirers with piercing humour and biting sarcasm: for example, Gilbert Mandell, who at thirty-four is twice her age. The son of a deodorant manufacturer, Gilbert deals with his father's publicity by...
Characters Barbara Pym
The central characters here are Jane Cleveland, a kindly and somewhat fey Oxford don, and Prudence Bates, Jane's former student and surrogate daughter. Jane's main preoccupation is matchmaking for Prudence: she likens herself not only...
Characters Mary Augusta Ward
The novel focuses on the war effort at home. A country squire and antiquarian is converted from resistance to enthusiasm for the cause through the traumatic death of his son and, above all, the influence...
Characters Penelope Mortimer
Again the subject is an unhappy marriage, in which the wife is plaintive and neurotic and the dislikeable husband is (as a change from the law) a dentist.
Lord, Graham. John Mortimer, The Devil’s Advocate. The Unauthorised Biography. Orion.
The work was remarkable for its...


1167: Oxford University was founded....

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Oxford University was founded.

1502: Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and...

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Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby (also known as Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of the future Henry VII ), endowed the Regius Professorship of Divinity at Cambridge University.

1575: The University of Leiden was founded as a...

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The University of Leiden was founded as a centre of Protestant learning (as were a number of new Oxford and Cambridge colleges at about this time, with the same religio-political agenda).

11 July 1637: The Bodleian Library's right to one copy...

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11 July 1637

The Bodleian Library 's right to one copy of each new book published in Britain was re-established by order of Archbishop Laud , who happened at the time to be Chancellor of Oxford University .

1710: Oxford scholar Thomas Hearne published through...

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Oxford scholar Thomas Hearne published through the university press the first of the nine volumes of The Itinerary of John Leland , Antiquary.

18 June 1723-1724: A periodical entitled The Visiter was published...

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18 June 1723-1724

A periodical entitled The Visiter was published in London; it promised its readers to be a friend to them.

1768: The Countess of Huntingdon opened Trevecca...

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The Countess of Huntingdon opened Trevecca College , for the training of evangelical Dissenting ministers, at Trevecca, Brecknockshire, Wales.

July 1773: The Westminster Magazine printed, along with...

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July 1773

The Westminster Magazine printed, along with its account of Oxford University 's annual degree-giving, an article by L. P.On the Propriety of Bestowing Academical Honours on the Ladies.

4 October 1784: James Sadler, a technician in the chemistry...

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4 October 1784

James Sadler , a technician in the chemistry laboratory of Oxford University , made a successful hot-air balloon flight, taking off from Christchurch Meadows, Oxford, and landing near Woodeaton, several miles away.

1805: The East India Company established a training...

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The East India Company established a training college for civil servants.

10 October 1813: Mark Pattison, future Tractarian, scholar,...

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10 October 1813

Mark Pattison , future Tractarian , scholar, author, and Oxford academic, was born at Hornby in the North Riding of Yorkshire.

1 October 1828: The Cambridge campaign to increase the study...

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1 October 1828

The Cambridge campaign to increase the study of science in universities resulted in the founding of University College, London , which emphasized science; this was the date of the inaugural lecture.

20 February 1829: The first issue of the provocative London...

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20 February 1829

The first issue of the provocative London Review was published by Oxford intellectuals.

1832: The University of Durham was founded....

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The University of Durham was founded.

5 April 1843: John Ruskin, as a Graduate of Oxford, published...

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5 April 1843

John Ruskin , as a Graduate of Oxford, published the first volume of Modern Painters.


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