Charlotte Clavering

Standard Name: Clavering, Charlotte


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Friends, Associates Lady Charlotte Bury
An early acquaintance was the future novelist Susan Ferrier (nearly eight years her junior), who often visited Inverary Castle with her father, who was estate manager to Lady Charlotte's father and worked on legal busines...
Friends, Associates Susan Ferrier
Though at least partly resident in Edinburgh, SF did not mingle with the literary set known as the Edinburgh Bluestockings.
Cullinan, Mary. Susan Ferrier. Twayne.
Apart from her large circle of siblings and in-laws, her closest friends were Charlotte Clavering
Friends, Associates Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
They had houses, or mansions, in Tyrone, in Scotland, and at Stanmore Priory near London; they treated the celebrated writer as a kind of household pet, even making fun of her nationalist...
Literary responses Susan Ferrier
Clavering urged SF not to alter (presumably not to tone down) her Lady McLaughlan portrait. The novel's immediate success was crucially boosted by the praise of Sir Walter Scott . SF read it aloud to...
Publishing Susan Ferrier
SF only published under the condition that she remained anonymous, hiding her authorship for fear that she would be condemned as unladylike. If I was suspected of being accessory to such foul deeds my brothers...
Residence Susan Ferrier
SF 's lively social life was based in Edinburgh and Morningside (then outside the city), where she lived with her father. It also extended to Stirling Castle (where she lived for at least three years...
Textual Production Lady Charlotte Bury
She was probably planning this work when in 1810 she told Charlotte Clavering that Susan Ferrier 's novels made her despair of ever writing as well.
Mudge, Bradford Keyes, editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 116. Gale Research.
It seems to have been out by 20...
Textual Production Anne Damer
Some of the attacks she sustained, both visual and literary, amount to the creation of fictionalised versions of her. The Damerian Apollo, a print published by William Holland in 1789, showed her vigorously knocking...


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