Mark Pattison

Standard Name: Pattison, Mark


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Friends, Associates Mary Augusta Ward
Mary Augusta Arnold (later MAW ) met George Eliot at a Sunday supper given by Mark and Emily Francis Pattison .
Ward, Mary Augusta. A Writer’s Recollections. Harper and Brothers.
Friends, Associates Mary Augusta Ward
In 1868 Mary Augusta Arnold met Mark Pattison , Rector of Lincoln College and a prominent Oxford scholar, and his wife, Emily Francis Pattison , a former art student and connoisseur. Unconventional and bohemian, the...
Friends, Associates Rhoda Broughton
RB 's vitality, sincerity, and pungent wit gained her the friendship of some of the most notable people of her day.
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder.
Her wide circle of friends and acquaintances included Henry James (the two became extremely...
Friends, Associates George Eliot
By 1870 it was at last becoming common for married couples (like the scholar Mark Pattison and his wife Emelia, or Emily Francis ) to visit GE and her partner. Publisher Charles Kegan Paul and...
Friends, Associates May Laffan
She exchanged letters with both George Augustin Macmillan and Sir George Grove . Her social circle while she was visiting London included a surprisingly large number of literary names. Rhoda Broughton was a friend of...
Intertextuality and Influence Flora Annie Steel
Through a brother-in-law of her husband's, Henry Nettleship , she had access to advice in her historical work from leading scholars: Pater , Ruskin , Benjamin Jowett , Mark Pattison , and Goldwin Smith .
Powell, Violet. Flora Annie Steel: Novelist of India. Heinemann.
Material Conditions of Writing Rhoda Broughton
In Belinda, RB is believed to have drawn extensively from her own early negative experience of the closed world of Oxford society. It was in particular believed that she caricatured college head Mark Pattison
Textual Features Mary Augusta Ward
The novel features Robert Elsmere's gradual loss of his orthodox Christian faith, and the tension which this causes between the emerging sceptic and his wife, Catherine Leyburn (based on MAW 's friend Laura Lyttleton )...


10 October 1813: Mark Pattison, future Tractarian, scholar,...

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10 October 1813

Mark Pattison , future Tractarian , scholar, author, and Oxford academic, was born at Hornby in the North Riding of Yorkshire.

By 27 October 1860: A group of seven liberal or Broad Church...

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By 27 October 1860

A group of seven liberal or Broad Church clergymen published Essays and Reviews on the challenges posed to conventional theology by the Higher Criticism of the Bible and by science (namely biology and geology).

By 13 February 1875: Mark Pattison published his best known work,...

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By 13 February 1875

Mark Pattison published his best known work, Isaac Casaubon, 1559-1614.

1879: Emily Francis Pattison (later Emilia Dilke)...

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Emily Francis Pattison (later Emilia Dilke) published (as E. F. S. Pattison) The Renaissance of Art in France.

30 July 1884: Mark Pattison, scholar, author and clergyman,...

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30 July 1884

Mark Pattison , scholar, author and clergyman, died at Harrogate in the North Riding of Yorkshire, very painfully, of stomach cancer.

By 14 March 1885: Mark Pattison's Memoirs appeared posthumously...

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By 14 March 1885

Mark Pattison 's Memoirs appeared posthumously the year after his death.


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