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Literary responses Elizabeth Elstob
Thomas Hearne on the one hand called it fanciful, vain, and affected, and n the other hand supposed that it must have been written by William Elstob , not Elizabeth.
Sutherland, Kathryn. “Editing for a New Century: Elizabeth Elstob’s Anglo-Saxon Manifesto and Ælfric’s St Gregory Homily”. The Editing of Old English: Papers from the 1990 Manchester Conference, edited by Don G. Scragg and Paul E. Szarmach, D. S. Brewer, pp. 213-37.
Publishing Elizabeth Elstob
Its full title is An English-Saxon Homily on the Birthday of St. Gregory , Anciently used in the English-Saxon Church. Giving an Account of the Conversion of the English from Paganism to Christianity. It...
Reception Elizabeth Cary, Viscountess Falkland
The deathbed conversion of Lady Falkland's husband to Catholicism was attributed to his reading of The Reply of the Most Illustrious Cardinall of Perron.
Cary, Lucy, and Elizabeth Cary, Viscountess Falkland. “The Lady Falkland: Her Life by One of Her Daughters”. The Tragedy of Mariam, The Fair Queen of Jewry; with, The Lady Falkland: Her Life by One of Her Daughters, edited by Barry Weller et al., University of California Press, pp. 183-75.
Thomas Hearne read it too.
Maule, Jeremy. “Elizabeth Cary, Lady Falkland”. Editing Women Conference, Toronto, ON.


1710: Oxford scholar Thomas Hearne published through...

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Oxford scholar Thomas Hearne published through the university press the first of the nine volumes of The Itinerary of John Leland , Antiquary.


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