Mary Beale

Standard Name: Beale, Mary


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Family and Intimate relationships Damaris Masham
Her mother, born Damaris Cradock, was a widow with several children from her first marriage (three sons and a daughter—who was also, confusingly, called Damaris) when she married DM 's father. From her second marriage...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Thomas
ET was personally acquainted with many cultivated women, for instance Sarah Hoadly (a painter who had trained with Mary Beale ), and her cousin Anne Osborne (the Clemena of her poetry).
Mills, Rebecca. "Thanks for that Elegant Defense": Polemical Prose and Poetry by Women in the Early Eighteenth Century. Oxford University.
She was a...
Leisure and Society Aphra Behn
St Hilda's College , Oxford, holds a portrait by Mary Beale , the most successful woman artist of her day, which has been thought to represent Behn. Scholar Maureen E. Mulvihill discussed (with illustrations)...


1677: Mary Beale had a good year as a practising...

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Mary Beale had a good year as a practising painter, with 83 commissions and an earned income of £429. She had set up a studio in Pall Mall in 1670.


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