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Anthologization Claire Keegan
CK has had stories included in collections such as Birthday Stories, edited by Haruki Murakami , 2004; Scéalta: Short Stories by Irish Women, edited by Rebecca O'Connor , 2006; Loved Ones, 2006...
Cultural formation Elizabeth Burnet
EB was born into an English gentry family. John Fell , Bishop of Oxford (remembered as a scholar and an energetic reformer and upholder of standards at Oxford University and the University Press ), was...
Dedications Medbh McGuckian
MMG published her second poetry collection, Venus and the Rain, dedicated to her mother and in memory of her mother-in-law, with Oxford University Press .
British Library Catalogue. http://explore.bl.uk/primo_library/libweb/action/search.do?dscnt=0&tab=local_tab&dstmp=1489778087340&vid=BLVU1&mode=Basic&fromLo, http://explore.bl.uk/primo_library/libweb/action/search.do?dscnt=0&tab=local_tab&dstmp=1489778087340&vid=BLVU1&mode=Basic&fromLo.
Dedications Medbh McGuckian
MMG published On Ballycastle Beach, her third poetry collection, dedicated to her aunts and uncles, with Oxford University Press in association with Wake Forest University Press in the United States.
Contemporary Authors. Gale Research, 1962.
McGuckian, Medbh. On Ballycastle Beach. Gallery Press, 1995.
Employer Anne Ridler
Anne Bradby (later AR ) put in several years of voluntary work at the Time and Talents Settlement at Bermondsey, doing little plays and dances and hymns with children from poor homes. She was...
Employer Jennifer Dawson
JD worked in publishing for the Clarendon Press (an imprint of Oxford University Press ).
Blain, Virginia, Patricia Clements, and Isobel Grundy, editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford, 1990.
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
She was also a teacher (at a convent at Laval in France before she went into publishing),
Guttridge, Peter. “Obituary: Jennifer Dawson”. The Independent.
a social worker...
Employer Joanna Cannan
JC had early envisaged herself having a career as an artist, but her plans were disrupted by the First World War. In 1914 she joined the VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) to work as a nurse...
Employer May Cannan
MC went back to work at Oxford University Press , at the invitation of R. W. Chapman , helping on the weekly Oxford Magazine.
Cannan, May, and Bevil Quiller-Couch. “Editorial Materials”. The Tears of War, edited by Charlotte Fyfe, Cavalier Books, 2000, p. Various pages.
Employer Deborah Moggach
DM 's first job after her BA was as a librarian at Oxford University Press , 1970-72. While in Pakistan she worked as a teacher and also did freelance writing during 1972-74.
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
Employer May Cannan
Instead, MC and her sisters went to work as volunteers at Oxford University Press , working for their father in the place of men who had enlisted in the army. The production of OUP's general...
Family and Intimate relationships Joanna Cannan
Charles Cannan of Oxford University Press , father of the writers May and JC , died.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/, http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
under Charles Cannan
Family and Intimate relationships Joanna Cannan
Her father, Charles Cannan , was an academic whose subject was classics. Having been a Fellow for twelve years before Joanna was born, he also became Dean of Trinity College, Oxford , and in 1898...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Ridler
Anne Bradby first met Vivian Ridler on her twenty-fifth birthday. He then had a job with the printing side of Oxford University Press , but was also operating a private press with a friend, David Bland
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Ridler
It was suggested to Vivian Ridler that he was indicating insufficient commitment; personal relations within the Press appear to have had something to do with it. He found another job setting up a private press...
Family and Intimate relationships Deborah Moggach
Deborah Hough married Anthony Moggach , a publisher whom she met during her work at Oxford University Press .
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
Moggach, Deborah. “Autobiography”. Deborah Moggach: About Deborah.


Richard Allestree (probably) published with Oxford University PressThe Ladies Calling, a religiousconduct book which became well-known and influential.
Oxford scholar Thomas Hearne published through the university press the first of the nine volumes of The Itinerary of John Leland , Antiquary.
John Wycliffe 's complete Bible was printed for the first time by Oxford University Press .
1 March 1879
James Murray was appointed editor of the new Oxford English Dictionary; soon afterwards he sent out 2,000 copies of a four-page invitation to volunteer readers who would collect words.
1 February 1884
The first section (A-Ant) of A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles, also known as the Oxford English Dictionary, was published.
Oxford University Press printed the Yattendon Hymnal, edited by Robert Bridges and H. Ellis Wooldridge .
Notes on a Century of Typography at the University Press, Oxford , 1693-1794 was first published.
Oxford University Press published The Oxford Book of English Verse, selected and edited by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch .
Oxford University Press sold its last copy of Wilkins ' Coptic New Testament, printed in 1716 and believed to have been on sale continuously at its original price.
Oxford University Press published the first edition of Theodore Besterman 's A World Bibliography of Bibliographies.
Peig Sayers published in Ireland her Machtnamh seana-mhná (whose title is here transliterated from Irish script, as it is in the British Library catalogue).
Following the Net Book Agreement, Random House became the first publisher in Britain to install an automated packing line in warehousing at Tiptree in Essex. Though it was not a success, this did not...
27 October 2005
Margaret Walters published Feminism: A Very Short Introduction in a popular series from Oxford University Press .


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