William Shakespeare

Standard Name: Shakespeare, William


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Anthologization Viola Meynell
In December 1910, VM and her siblings Francis , Olivia , and Monica published a poetry anthology called Eyes of Youth (a phrase taken from Shakespeare 's The Merry Wives of Windsor), which included...
Anthologization Jo Shapcott
Germaine Greer 's Poems for Gardeners, 2003, includes several of the sensuous little 2-stanza poems that are Shapcott's version of Rainer Maria Rilke 's Les Roses, and printed in her Tender Taxes...
Birth Viola Tree
Her father, the famous actor-manager Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree , named her after the Viola of Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night (though he almost named her Rosalind, for As You Like It). At her birth...
Birth Ngaio Marsh
NM was born the only child of New Zealand-born Rose Seager Marsh and British-born Henry Edmond Marsh, in a modest, rented house in Fendalton, a suburb of Christchurch.
Lewis, Margaret. Ngaio Marsh: A Life. Chatto & Windus, 1991.
McDorman, Kathryne Slate. Ngaio Marsh. Twayne, 1991.
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It did not...
Characters Ivy Compton-Burnett
In A Heritage and its History an elderly uncle marries a young girl, his nephew seduces her and the son of their union later wishes to marry the nephew's legitimate daughter.
British Book News. British Council.
(1959): 747
It features...
Characters Elizabeth B. Lester
EBL gives a different interpretation to Mrs Ross's phrase the balance of comfort, balancing (here and in later novels) the single against the married life. The title-page quotes five prose maxims from one Harris...
death Christopher Marlowe
Standard accounts of his death used to say that it was a brawl, largely caused by himself. But accident seems unlikely. He had recently been brought in for questioning by the Privy Council , but...
death Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
Reportedly, during the earliest stages of her illness, she was found resting on the sofa and reading Shakespeare . Life is worth living, she told her family, as long as there is King Lear to...
Dedications Anna Brownell Jameson
ABJ published in two volumes Characteristics of Women, Moral, Poetical and Historical, later renamed Shakespeare 's Heroines; it was dedicated to Fanny Kemble .
Johnston, Judith. Anna Jameson: Victorian, Feminist, Woman of Letters. Scolar Press, 1997.
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Dedications Christabel Coleridge
This small-size book has an ornamental cover and title-page, both printed in black and red on white. CC dedicates it, with a quotation offering flowers, from Shakespeare 's The Winter's Tale, to J. F...
Education Mary Catherine Hume
Together they carefully studied the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and she was deeply influenced by Tulk's philosophy. They also read and studied Shakespeare .
Thesing, William B., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 240. Gale Research, 2001.
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Education Jan Struther
JS was educated privately in London, going to classes held in a private home. She hated history and geography but loved literature. Her teacher, Miss Moseley, took the children through Shakespeare before she began...
Education Margaret Drabble
MD has recalled how her father, newly demobbed after his wartime army service, patiently taught me to read from a primer called The Radiant Way. Later, Mary McCarthy 's The Group and Doris Lessing
Education Anne Manning
AM was taught at home by both her mother and her father, with the help of masters for special accomplishments,
Oliphant, Margaret, Eliza Lynn Linton, Edna Lyall, Adeline Sergeant, Charlotte Yonge, Louisa Parr, Katharine S. Macquoid, Mrs Alexander, and Emma Marshall. Women Novelists of Queen Victoria’s Reign. Hurst and Blackett, 1897.
and for a short time by a governess. Charlotte Yonge , who wrote of...
Education Kathleen Raine
KR wrote that she grew up reading the Bible daily and memorising passages from it. Her mother could recite long passages from Milton and other English poets, besides Scottish poems and ballads. She was glad...


25 October 1415
Henry V 's victory over the French at Agincourt initiated the peak period of English rule over France.
3 March 1592
The first part of William Shakespeare 's Henry VI (not, however, the first part to be written) probably had its opening performance.
18 April 1593
Shakespeare 's first published work, the narrative poemVenus and Adonis, was registered with the Stationers' Company ; the only recorded copy is in the Bodleian Library .
2 May 1594
The Taming of the Shrew, a comedy by Shakespeare , was entered in the Stationers' Register.
Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet, probably written in 1594-5, was both staged and published.
22 July 1598
Shakespeare 's comedyThe Merchant of Venice was entered in the Stationers' Register by the printer named James Roberts.
September 1598
Ben Jonson 's earliest well-known comedy, Every Man in His Humour, was first performed, with a cast that included Richard Burbage and William Shakespeare .
Shakespeare probably completed the story of his two Henry IVhistoryplays by writing Henry V, in which the charismatic but formerly undisciplined prince makes good as national military hero.
Shakespeare probably composed his Roman historyplayJulius Caesar.
Spring 1599
As soon as the danger of frost was over, the Globe Theatre was built,or re-built, in Southwark, south of the river in London, as a home for Shakespeare 's company, the Lord Chamberlain's Men .
William Jaggard published The Passionate Pilgrime, a pirated miscellany including poetry by Marlowe , Shakespeare , and others; the title-page ascription to Shakespeare is unjustified.
4 August 1600
Shakespeare 's comedy As You Like It was entered in the Stationers' Register ; it remained unpublished until 1623.
23 August 1600
William Shakespeare 's comedy Much Ado about Nothing, probably written between summer 1598 and spring 1599, was licensed with the Stationers' Company ; it was printed this year.
7 February 1601
Followers of the Earl of Essex attended a play at the Globe Theatre, the day before rising against Queen Elizabeth : this has been taken, probably wrongly, to demonstrate the theatre's political power.
26 July 1602
Shakespeare 's tragedy Hamlet was entered in the Stationers' Register , probably not long after its first performance.