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10-80 Committee
10th Hussars
14th Sikhs
17th Lancers
18th Royal Irish Regiment
1916 Veterans' Association
1917 Club
1930 Players
19th Light Dragoons
1st West India Regiment
2-way Mirror Theatre Company
202 Squadron, Royal Air Force
24 General Hospital
300 Group
48th Street Theatre
8th King's Liverpool Regiment
8th Royal Irish Hussars
91 Club
A. and C. Black
A. and W. Galignani and Co.
A. B. C. Society
A. Brown
A. C. Armstrong
A. Donaldson
A. H. Robins Company
A. H. Wheeler
A. J. Valpy
A. K. Newman
A. L. Burt
A. M. Heath
A. Monnier
A. P. Marsden
A. P. Watt
A. V. Roe and Company
A. W. Penrose and Company
A.L.O.E. High School
Abbey Experimental Theatre Company
Abbey Players
Abbey School, Malvern
Abbey School, Reading
Abbey Theatre
Abbey Theatre Company
Abbot Academy
ABC Bread Factory
ABC Teashop
Aberdare Hall