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Anthologization Judith Cowper Madan
JCM 's very popular A Funeral Hymn (two 8-line stanzas, beginning In this World of Sin and Sorrow, ending Let thy gracious Will be done)
Madan, Falconer. The Madan Family. Oxford University Press.
appeared in print in an appendix added to...
Anthologization Winefrid Thimelby
She wrote to her sister Katherine Aston , and after Katherine's death continued the correspondence with warmly intimate letters to her brother-in-law Herbert Aston . Nuns were not officially allowed to maintain non-religious correspondences, but...
Birth Anne Docwra
In her pamphlet dated 11 April 1699, AD said she was past her seventy-fifth birthday.
The pamphlet also bears dates which were apparently less relevant dates in October and November of the same year. This...
death Arabella Shore
She left her sister Emily 's manuscript diary to the British Museum (that part of it which is now the British Library ) but her will never reached probate and the papers never reached the depository.
Gates, Barbara T., and Margaret Emily Shore. “Self-writing as Legacy: The <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl=‘m’>Journal of Emily Shore</span&gt”;. Journal of Emily Shore: Revised and Expanded.
death Elizabeth Tollet
She was buried on 11 February in the church there, where her monument (before it was obliterated by the feet of the passing congregation) recorded her poems in various languages . . . adorned with...
Dedications Charlotte Lennox
Again Johnson supplied her with a dedication (to the future George III ; a sheet of George's notes on the plays is bound into his presentation copy, now in the British Library ). The work...
Dedications Lady Mary Walker
LMW dedicates her second book to a friend she has known for twelve years (identified in a manuscript note in the British Library copy, shelfmark C 175 l. 4, as Lady Marchmont ).
Lady Marchmont...
Education Elizabeth Strickland
To train herself as a historian, ES plunged enthusiastically into working in the British Museum at history itself and also the study of early handwriting (palaeography), which she would need for deciphering original sources.
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
Education Helen Waddell
HW enrolled as a postgraduate student at Somerville College, Oxford , in November 1920, but never finished either the thesis or the residence requirements for her D.Phil. She developed at this stage an over-riding interest...
Education Flora Klickmann
FK had a British Museum reading-room ticket at seventeen: a newspaper article on the reading room mentioned (though not by name) the charming sight she and her mother made as they studied there—apparently in contrast...
Education Marjorie Bowen
She also started drawing, despite having no money for paints or canvases, and gained permission to copy at the National Gallery and the British Museum . There, she learned the techniques of oil painting and...
Education Christine Brooke-Rose
After being demobbed from her wartime position at Bletchley she had spent some time reading daily in the British Library (then the British Museum reading room) to prepare for the entrance exams to Somerville.
Brooke-Rose, Christine. Remake. Carcanet.
Education L. T. Meade
As soon as LTM reached London she began to study daily at the British Museum .
Black, Helen C. Pen, Pencil, Baton and Mask: Biographical Sketches. Spottiswoode.
Education Emma Roberts
Her memoirist says her thirst for letters was unquenchable, and the extent of her reading proves that her early years must have been years of application.
Unsigned, and Emma Roberts. “Memoir”. Notes of an Overland Journey Through France and Egypt to Bombay, W. H. Allen, p. xi - xxviii.
Once in London she studied for herself at...
Employer Michèle Roberts
The first year of her course gave her a position as Library Scholar in the Department of Printed Books at the then British Museum . She worked on the enquiry desk, then at cataloguing. She...


By 3 March 1470: Sir Thomas Malory, a political prisoner in...

Writing climate item

By 3 March 1470

Sir Thomas Malory , a political prisoner in London, most probably in the Tower, finished compiling and writing his collection of legendaryArthurian romances, Le Morte d'Arthur.

About 1529: The Instruction of a Christian Woman, translated...

Building item

About 1529

The Instruction of a Christian Woman, translated by Richard Hyrde from Juan Luis Vives of Valencia in Spain, was published, after the translator's death.

About the 1530s-1540s: The Devonshire Manuscript (British Library...

Women writers item

About the 1530s-1540s

The Devonshire Manuscript (British Library Add. 17492) was compiled in large part by women, who edited and probably wrote and transcribed a number of the poems. The title-page of Elizabeth Heale 's edition, 2012...

After July 1553: An unknown person presented to Queen Mary...

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After July 1553

An unknown person presented to Queen Mary Tudor the finely illuminated manuscript now known as the Queen Mary Psalter (Royal 2 B vii in the British Library ).

Before 1638: William Page, Fellow of All Souls College,...

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Before 1638

William Page , Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford , created a proto-feminist text entitled Womens Worth: A Treatise proveing by sundrie reasons that woemen do excell men.

31 October 1658 : Thirty-six-year-old Londoner Thomas Austen...

Women writers item

31 October 1658

Thirty-six-year-old Londoner Thomas Austen died. His widow, Katherine , kept a series of manuscript books containing religious meditations, notes about her life, family records, and poems (mostly religious).

From 1662: The King's Library (now part of the British...

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From 1662

The King's Library (now part of the British Library ) and Cambridge University Library enjoyed the legal right to a copy of every book published in Britain (a right granted to the Bodleian on 11...

By 6 April 1742: An Account of the Conduct of Sarah Duchess...

Women writers item

By 6 April 1742

An Account of the Conduct of Sarah Duchess of Marlborough, a politicalapologia and attack on her enemies composed by her over almost forty years with various helpers, appeared a few weeks after Prime Minister...

15 January 1759: The British Museum (including what had formerly...

Building item

15 January 1759

The British Museum (including what had formerly been known as the King's Library ), established six years earlier, was first opened to the public.

1798-1800: August Wilhelm and Friedrich von Schlegel...

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August Wilhelm and Friedrich von Schlegel published their periodicalDas Athenäum, the manifesto of the German Romantic movement.

1838: Miss Gordon in A Guide to the Genealogical...

Women writers item


Miss Gordon in A Guide to the Genealogical Chart of English and Scottish History, published this year, set out to prove Queen Victoria 's Scottish ancestry.

1867: The library of books by women collected by...

Women writers item


The library of books by women collected by the Rev. Francis John Stainforth was sold at Sotheby 's and the greater part of it acquired for the British Museum (that part of it which is...

1881: A religious novel published this year with...

Women writers item


A religiousnovel published this year with 1882 on its title-page, Nellie; or Seeking Goodly Pearls by Mrs Meredith, has been wrongly ascribed to Louisa Anne Meredith , but is actually by the Evangelical Christian Susanna Meredith .

31 October 1910: Frances Olive Underhill, a graduate of Royal...

National or international item

31 October 1910

Frances Olive Underhill , a graduate of Royal Holloway College , was appointed by E. W. B. Nicholson Assistant Librarian at the Bodleian : the first woman so appointed in England, after considerable infighting and...

1939: Peig Sayers published in Ireland her Machtnamh...

Women writers item


Peig Sayers published in Ireland her Machtnamh seana-mhná (whose title is here transliterated from Irish script, as it is in the British Library catalogue).


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