Sir Thomas Bodley

Standard Name: Bodley, Sir Thomas


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Friends, Associates Sir Philip Sidney
He became a friend at Shrewsbury of Fulke Greville and was a contemporary at Oxford of such later luminaries as Richard Hakluyt , Thomas Bodley , and Walter Raleigh . He made other intellectual friends...


8 January 1561: John Bodley (father of the library founder...

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8 January 1561

John Bodley (father of the library founder Sir Thomas ) was granted a licence under the Privy Seal to sole rights for seven years to print the English Bible in a revised text which had...

8 November 1602: The Bodleian Library, Oxford, first admitted...

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8 November 1602

The Bodleian Library , Oxford, first admitted readers (nearly five years after Sir Thomas Bodley 's original offer to restore Duke Humfrey's Library).

12 December 1610: The Stationers' Company agreed to deposit,...

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12 December 1610

The Stationers' Company agreed to deposit, free of charge, in the Bodleian Library one copy of every book that was published.


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