William Laud

Standard Name: Laud, William,, Archbishop of Canterbury


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Cultural formation Martha Moulsworth
MM lays proud stress on her gentle birth. She is equally positive, however, in her sentiments about the marriages which allied her with a different rank, that of the mercantile bourgeoisie of London. She was...
Family and Intimate relationships Harriett Mozley
As early as 1830 she had found some of his sermons unacceptably High Church.
Mozley, Dorothea, editor. Newman Family Letters. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.
From then on their relationship was, writes literary historian Kathleen Tillotson , the clash of . . . two strong...
politics Lady Eleanor Douglas
In Lichfield, with some local women, Susan Walker and Marie Noble , LED discussed resistance to Laud 's current reforms of the Church of England . At Lichfield Cathedral the altar had been moved away...
Reception Lady Eleanor Douglas
The burning was ordered by Archbishop Laud and the Court of High Commission , in spite of support for LED from Charles I 's sister, Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia . LED was sentenced to imprisonment...
Textual Features Edna Lyall
This is another English Civil War story, in which imaginary characters (a pair of courting lovers, a villain, the noble-hearted Charlotte who is based on EL 's nurse during her childhood, and Joscelyn Heyworth and...
Textual Production Hester Shaw
Sixty midwives participated in this action, though it is not known who wrote the petition. It was presented to the king , the College of Physicians , and the Archbishop of Canterbury .
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Brilliana, Lady Harley
The letters of this correspondence, even more verbally demonstrative than those to her husband, also teem with good advice about diet, exercise, and learning. When her son arrives at university, BLH urges him to read...


October 1636: The Scottish Privy Council was ordered to...

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October 1636

The Scottish Privy Council was ordered to issue a proclamation compelling the Scottish Kirk to use the new (Anglican ) Scottish Prayer Book designed by Laud .

11 July 1637: The Bodleian Library's right to one copy...

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11 July 1637

The Bodleian Library 's right to one copy of each new book published in Britain was re-established by order of Archbishop Laud , who happened at the time to be Chancellor of Oxford University .

18 December 1640: William Laud, Charles I's unpopular High...

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18 December 1640

William Laud , Charles I 's unpopular High Church Archbishop of Canterbury, was arrested and charged with high treason. He was sent to the Tower of London in spring 1641.

10 January 1645: William Laud, Charles I's unpopular High...

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10 January 1645

William Laud , Charles I 's unpopular High Church Archbishop of Canterbury, impeached the previous autumn, was executed.

Before October 1646: Roman Catholic poet Richard Crashaw (1613?-48)...

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Before October 1646

Roman Catholic poet Richard Crashaw (1613?-48) published his Steps to the Temple. SacredPoems, with other Delights of the Muses.


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