W. B. Yeats

Standard Name: Yeats, W. B.
Used Form: William Butler Yeats
Used Form: Willie Yeats
WBY , who began publishing well before the end of the nineteenth century, is regarded as one of the most important twentieth-century poets in English, and one of the most international of Irish writers. He was early involved in the Irish Literary Revival, and wrote early, highly romantic lyrics on Celtic and fairy themes. Later he made poetry out of the search for a poetic language. Some of his later work is affected by his interest in the occult.


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Friends, Associates Christopher St John
Their home became a centre of cultural life. Their friend Harcourt Williams recorded a Twelfth Night party they held when W. B. Yeats was among their guests, sharing ghost stories.
Cockin, Katharine. Edith Craig (1869-1947): Dramatic Lives. Cassell, 1998.
Friends, Associates George Egerton
After the success of her Keynotes, GE became acquainted with the literary and intellectual world. Among her new acquaintances she expressed admiration for Havelock Ellis but called W. B. Yeats a poseur.
Egerton, George. A Leaf from the Yellow Book. White, Terence de VereEditor , Richards Press, 1958.
Friends, Associates Michael Field
Katharine and Edith Cooper shared a great many distinguished friends in the worlds of literature and aesthetics: Walter Pater , Oscar Wilde , Arthur Symons , Charles Shannon , Sarianna Browning , Thomas Sturge Moore
Friends, Associates Dora Russell
During this period, the Russells' friends and associates included Sybil Thorndike and Lewis Casson , Ottoline Morrell , T. S. Eliot , W. B. Yeats , G. B. and Charlotte Shaw , Desmond MacCarthy ...
Friends, Associates Dorothy Wellesley
She and Yeats then spent Christmas Day and many evenings together. She records in her autobiography her visits on the days before his death on 28 January 1939, and some of his last sayings. She...
Friends, Associates John Millington Synge
JMS , in Paris, met for the first time both William Butler Yeats and Maud Gonne (an Irish nationalist then hiding in France to avoid being jailed at home).
Benson, Eugene. J. M. Synge. Macmillan, 1982.
Saddlemyer, Ann. “Introduction and Chronology”. The Collected Letters of John Millington Synge, Oxford University Press, 1983, p. ix - xxvi.
Friends, Associates Maud Gonne
Yeats refused to let MG into her own house, where his young and pregnant wife had succumbed to the dreaded flu epidemic. This caused a serious quarrel between him and Gonne, and she denounced him...
Friends, Associates Augusta Gregory
That same summer Yeats made an extended stay at AG 's estate. Their friendship flourished, and for twenty years he spent the summers there under her motherly care. Theirs was an extremely close, productive, and...
Friends, Associates Alice Meynell
Following her early conquest of Tennyson , AM went on to develop a large circle of literary acquaintances. Callers on the Meynells at Palace Court included Irish writer Katharine Tynan , Aubrey Beardsley (while he...
Friends, Associates Eva Gore-Booth
EGB was acquainted with W. B. Yeats , who claimed a formative influence on her writing.
Haverty, Anne. Constance Markievicz: An Independent Life. Pandora, 1988.
Friends, Associates Amy Levy
She saw a good deal of Olive Schreiner , who called her the most interesting girl she had met in England,
Beckman, Linda Hunt. Amy Levy: Her Life and Letters. Ohio University Press, 2000.
and also took her on two trips outside London at the very end...
Friends, Associates Augusta Gregory
As well as urging Yeats to meet and take care of the young man, she sent him five pounds and arranged a job for him reviewing books in Paris for the Dublin Daily Express...
Friends, Associates H. D.
After her move to England, Ezra Pound introduced HD to his circle of friends, many of whom were important figures in the modernist movement. They included W. B. Yeats , T. S. Eliot ,...
Friends, Associates Edith Sitwell
By 1919 ES was also friendly with Arnold Bennett and his wife Marguerite . Wyndham Lewis became a great friend, did many drawings of her, and demonstrated a sexual interest in her as well, which...
Friends, Associates Lady Ottoline Morrell
Along with its owners, the manor was frequently full of guests: writers and artists among them included Katherine Mansfield , D. H. Lawrence , Aldous Huxley , Siegfried Sassoon , W. B. Yeats , and...


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