Wyndham Lewis

Standard Name: Lewis, Wyndham
WL was an early twentieth-century artist and writer: novelist, poet, playwright, periodical editor, commentator on literature and society, and above all a satirist and lampooner of many of his contemporaries. He was the leading spirit in the art movement known as Vorticism. His political writings included some ill-advised praise of Hitler during the early 1930s. He also published an autobiography.


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Family and Intimate relationships Fay Weldon
During her marriage she and Edgar entertained the literary and avant-garde world: she later regaled her grand-daughter with irreverent stories of Joseph Conrad , Jean Rhys (Such a louche young woman),
Weldon, Fay. Auto da Fay. Flamingo.
Ford Madox Ford
Family and Intimate relationships Dorothy Richardson
Odle illustrated editions of Voltaire 's Candide, Swift 's Gulliver's Travels, Wilde 's The Sphinx, and Twain 's 1601, among others; his images also appeared in such periodicals as The Gypsy...
Family and Intimate relationships Ada Leverson
AL 's three sisters all married socially prominent Jewish husbands.
Burkhart, Charles. Ada Leverson. Twayne.
The youngest, Violet , married art collector and patron Sydney Schiff ; their circle included Wyndham Lewis , T. S. Eliot , Katherine Mansfield , and Proust .
Speedie, Julie. Wonderful Sphinx: The Biography of Ada Leverson. Virago.
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Butts
Her accounts of her marriage were disingenuous in several respects. She described it as one of those War-marriages between very young people,
Blondel, Nathalie. Mary Butts: Scenes from the Life. McPherson & Company.
which was hardly accurate when she was at the time twenty-seven. Rodker...
Fictionalization Dora Carrington
In Wyndham Lewis 's The Apes of God, Carrington is hinted at in Betty Blyth, a doll-like sex therapist.
Gerzina, Gretchen. Carrington: A Life of Dora Carrington, 1893-1932. John Murray.
Holroyd, Michael, and Jane Hill. “Foreword”. The Art of Dora Carrington, Herbert Press, pp. 7-9.
Fictionalization Nancy Cunard
NC was cast as Iris March in Michael Arlen's The Green Hat, as Lucy Tantamount in Aldous Huxley 's Point Counter Point, as Baby Bucktrout in Wyndham Lewis 's The Roaring Queen...
Friends, Associates Marianne Moore
MMmade her modernist debut in New York in November 1915, meeting all the avant-garde.
Williams, Mary-Kay. “What a Mother”. London Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 23, p. 19021.
Her friendship with Ezra Pound began by letter in 1918. She had already written a poem titled with his...
Friends, Associates Harriet Shaw Weaver
As editor, HSW attempted to recruit Storm Jameson for the paper, but Jameson unhappily could not accept a full-time position. She also began to acquaint herself with contributors, such as H. D. , whom she...
Friends, Associates Lady Ottoline Morrell
LOM 's friendships were many and strongly felt. Developed mainly through her salons and other creative associations, they swept in Lytton Strachey , Virginia Woolf , Roger Fry , Joseph Conrad , T. S. and...
Friends, Associates Nancy Cunard
Her boredom with this life (her mother's social milieu) was something that she shared with her friend Iris Tree , also a poet. Despite her antipathy towards it, this life presented her with important literary...
Friends, Associates Ezra Pound
During his time in London, EP met his future wife Dorothy Shakespear , as well as Henry James , Ford Madox Ford , Wyndham Lewis , and W. B. Yeats . He also met...
Friends, Associates Harriet Shaw Weaver
Before meeting James Joyce but after becoming his patron, HSW envisaged him as noble and ascetic. She was upset when in 1921 Wyndham Lewis depicted Joyce to her as a drunken spendthrift. Joyce countered these...
Friends, Associates Rebecca West
Through them RW met some important literary figures, including Wyndham Lewis and contributors to Ford's journal, The English Review.
Rollyson, Carl. Rebecca West: A Saga of the Century. Hodder and Stoughton.
Friends, Associates H. D.
After her move to England, Ezra Pound introduced HD to his circle of friends, many of whom were important figures in the modernist movement. They included W. B. Yeats , T. S. Eliot ,...
Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
Later, however, Bloomsbury was attacked as an arrogant, self-regarding, immoral, upper-class clique. D. H. Lawrence said Keynes and his friends were black beetles, and in Women in Love he attacked the group's aesthetic in...


April 1893: The Studio: An Illustrated Magazine of the...

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April 1893

The Studio: An Illustrated Magazine of the Fine and Applied Arts was founded this month by Charles Holme and first edited by Cleeson White .

1911: The Camden Town Group, a group of experimental...

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The Camden Town Group , a group of experimental Post-Impressionist British painters influenced by the work of Walter Sickert , was formed; it excluded women from its membership of sixteen.

: Madame Strindberg opened the Cave of the...

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Madame Strindberg opened the Cave of the Golden Calf , an avant-garde night club located in a basement off Regent Street in London. Many notable artists of the day helped decorate the club, especially...

March 1914: Wyndham Lewis formed the Rebel Art Centre,...

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March 1914

Wyndham Lewis formed the Rebel Art Centre , an artists' co-operative set up as a rival group to Roger Fry 's Omega Workshops .

2 July 1914: The first issue of the magazine Blast, edited...

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2 July 1914

The first issue of the magazine Blast, edited by Wyndham Lewis , formally announced the arrival of Vorticism, an avant-garde movement in art.

10 June 1915: The first Vorticist exhibition opened at...

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10 June 1915

The first Vorticist exhibition opened at the Doré Gallery in London; it included work by Henri Gaudier-Brzeska , Wyndham Lewis , Jessica Dismorr , and Helen Saunders .

20 July 1915: The second and final issue of Wyndham Lewis's...

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20 July 1915

The second and final issue of Wyndham Lewis 's Vorticist magazine, Blast, included artwork and literary pieces by Helen Saunders , Jessie Dismorr , and Dorothy Shakespear , along with poems by Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot .

December 1919: The last issue of The Egoist: An Individualist...

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December 1919

The last issue of The Egoist: An Individualist Review was published.


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