W. B. Yeats

Standard Name: Yeats, W. B.
Used Form: William Butler Yeats
Used Form: Willie Yeats
WBY , who began publishing well before the end of the nineteenth century, is regarded as one of the most important twentieth-century poets in English, and one of the most international of Irish writers. He was early involved in the Irish Literary Revival, and wrote early, highly romantic lyrics on Celtic and fairy themes. Later he made poetry out of the search for a poetic language. Some of his later work is affected by his interest in the occult.


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Literary responses Kathleen Raine
KR longed vainly to be published by Eliot at Faber; by the time that she heard from Yeats 's daughter, years later, that he had first read her at the recommendation of Eliot , she...
Literary responses Katharine Tynan
W. B. Yeats wrote to her of this book: You have the gift to describe many people with sympathy and even with admiration and yet to leave them their distinct characters.
Hinkson, Pamela. “The Friendship of Yeats and Katharine Tynan, II: Later Days of the Irish Literary Movement”. The Fortnightly, No. 1043 n.s., pp. 323 - 36.
Literary responses Michael Field
Writing in 1892, William Butler Yeats said that Callirrhoë possessed imagination and fancy in plenty
Yeats, W. B. Uncollected Prose by W.B. Yeats. Frayne, John P. and Colton JohnsonEditors , Columbia University Press, 1976.
—setting itself apart from some of MF 's later publications, which he considered to be much less successful.
Literary responses Dorothy Wellesley
Horses did a great deal to ensure DW 's continuing reputation. Yeats particularly praised the lines on the wild grey asses fleet / With stripe from head to tail, and moderate ears.
Yeats, W. B., and Dorothy Wellesley. “Introduction”. Selections from the Poems of Dorothy Wellesley, Macmillan, 1936, p. vii - xv.
The reader's...
Literary responses Michael Field
Writing in The Bookman, William Butler Yeats called this collection suggestive and thoroughly unsatisfactory.
Yeats, W. B. Uncollected Prose by W.B. Yeats. Frayne, John P. and Colton JohnsonEditors , Columbia University Press, 1976.
He questioned Field's poetic approach. They have poetic feeling and imagination in abundance, he wrote, and yet they have...
Literary responses James Joyce
Though Joyce often railed against hisnative city, he felt that depicting it made him a pioneer. Dublin, he wrote, was second only to London among British cities and was three times the size of Venice:...
Literary responses Dorothy Wellesley
Yeats later called this a long meditation, perhaps the most moving philosophic poem of our time. He found it moving precisely because its wisdom, like that of the sphinx, was animal below the waist.Its...
Literary responses Alice Meynell
This collection moved the Times Literary Supplement to declare that its delicacy—of scrupulousness, balance, fineness, skill—is as rare in life and in art as ever it was.
Badeni, June. The Slender Tree: A Life of Alice Meynell. Tabb House, 1981.
Dixon Scott wrote in the Liverpool Courier...
Literary responses James Joyce
Yeats said, I have read in a paper called The Egoist certain chapters of a new novel, a disguised autobiography, which increases my conviction that he is the most remarkable new talent in Ireland today...
Literary responses Dorothy Wellesley
Yeats admired this volume for its explorations of the picturesque, for its love . . . for undisturbed Nature, a hatred for the abstract, the mechanical, the invented, and for an intensity which he saw...
Literary responses Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
The Academy gave a favourable review but found the preface unclear. William Butler Yeats admired the book,
Melville, Joy. Mother of Oscar. John Murray, 1999.
and wrote that it revealed the innermost heart of the Celt.
Melville, Joy. Mother of Oscar. John Murray, 1999.
Literary responses Wendy Cope
Reviewer Andrew O'Hagan , however, applies a withering pen to WC in a tirade about a general style of anthology which is, he says, frivolous or aimed at the lifestyle or selfhelp markets. His complaint...
Literary responses Eva Gore-Booth
The volume was well-received by EGB 's contemporaries. W. B. Yeats wrote to her: I think it is full of poetic feeling and has great promise. . . . Weariness is really most imaginative and...
Literary responses Rosamund Marriott Watson
William Archer included RMW alongside A. E. Housman , Rudyard Kipling , Alice Meynell , E. Nesbit , and William Butler Yeats in Poets of the Younger Generation (1902).
Archer, William. Poets of the Younger Generation. John Lane, Bodley Head, 1902.
Her diction is pure, he...
Literary responses Edith Sitwell
This book made Yeats liken ES to Swift for her passion ennobled by intensity, by endurance, by wisdom.
Sitwell, Edith. Taken Care Of: An Autobiography. Hutchinson, 1965.
Her Times obituary called these poems Sitwell's The Waste Land, suggesting that despite her still...


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