Henry Newbolt

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Anthologization Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
Elkin Mathews , publisher of MEC 's Fancy's Guerdon, reprinted its contents alongside works by Newbolt and Binyon in his Garland of New Poetry by various authors, 1899 (whose title is sometimes given in varying forms).
Stanford, Donald E., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 19. Gale Research.
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Cultural formation Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
Her family had strong ties to the Church of England and she remained a devoted Christian throughout her life, though she did not share her father's fondness for sermons.
Stanford, Donald E., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 19. Gale Research.
She could be deeply contemplative...
Friends, Associates Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
MEC 's dearest friends were dubbed the Quintette. This included Margaret Duckworth , who later married writer Henry Newbolt . After his marriage Newbolt forged a friendship with MEC .
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Daryush
Through her mother's cousin Roger Fry , ED as a girl met many distinguished people as the friends and guests of her parents: W. B. Yeats , Ezra Pound , Henry Newbolt , Mary Coleridge
Leisure and Society Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
Henry Newbolt , despite his gender, became one of those who attended these Thursday meetings.
Literary responses Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
In his preface, Newbolt admits that MEC often entered very deep shadows filled with strange shapes, that may move a timid soul or two to ask if it be safe to follow her, but adds...
Reception Lady Cynthia Asquith
The Times Literary Supplement remarked that the book was directed at parental readers-aloud as much as at children, and that LCA 's own contribution incorporated a buried moral. The Times Literary Supplement Centenary Archive online...
Textual Features Lady Cynthia Asquith
Her authors are mostly well-known: Hardy , Barrie , Sir Henry Newbolt , Hilaire Belloc , Hugh Lofting , and Walter de la Mare , apart from two stories by herself.
Beauman, Nicola. Cynthia Asquith. Hamish Hamilton.
Colles, Hester Janet. “A Gallery of Children”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 1245, p. 804.
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Textual Production Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
After hearing her read from this work while it was still in progress, Henry Newbolt sent a draft to Robert Louis Stevenson . Stevenson responded enthusiastically but was not sure how the author could get...
Textual Production Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
Shortly after her death, MEC 's Poems appeared under her name, edited with a preface by Henry Newbolt ; now for the first time her name was attached to her published verse.
Coleridge, Mary Elizabeth. “Preface”. Poems, edited by Henry Newbolt, Elkin Mathews, p. v - xii.
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November-December 1906: Mediation in the Book WarRSC: link to other...

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November-December 1906

Mediation in the Book War (of the Times Book Club against the Net Book Agreement) was attempted unsuccessfully by an unofficial committee composed of several eminent authors.


Coleridge, Mary Elizabeth. Poems. Editor Newbolt, Henry, Elkin Mathews, 1908.
Coleridge, Mary Elizabeth. “Preface”. Poems, edited by Henry Newbolt, Elkin Mathews, 1908, p. v - xii.