Leeds Art Club


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Friends, Associates Mary Gawthorpe
MG equally admired A. R. Orage and Holbrook Jackson , founders of the Leeds Arts Club . At the Club she also met Edward Carpenter , W. B. Yeats , G. K. Chesterton , George Bernard Shaw
Occupation Isabella Ormston Ford
IOF 's interests were wide-ranging. In addition to her earnest work for social reform, she also was a member of the Leeds Art Club (founded by A. R. Orage ) and the Humanitarian League ...
politics Mary Gawthorpe
Tom Garrs introduced MG to Socialist politics. This was a time, she wrote later, when in a place the size of Leeds the labour movement was deeply aware but not yet moving, much less on...
Textual Production Isabella Ormston Ford
IOF gave her first public speech when she decided to support striking female weavers in Leeds in October 1888. Despite her nervousness—she sometimes characterized herself as terrified by the faces gazing at me
Hannam, June. Isabella Ford. Basil Blackwell.


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