W. B. Yeats

Standard Name: Yeats, W. B.
Used Form: William Butler Yeats
Used Form: Willie Yeats
WBY , who began publishing well before the end of the nineteenth century, is regarded as one of the most important twentieth-century poets in English, and one of the most international of Irish writers. He was early involved in the Irish Literary Revival, and wrote early, highly romantic lyrics on Celtic and fairy themes. Later he made poetry out of the search for a poetic language. Some of his later work is affected by his interest in the occult.


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The volume includes literary criticism on works by Richard Watson Dixon and William Butler Yeats . The memoir The Drawing-Room recalls Robert Browning 's visit to MEC 's childhood home. Recollections of Mrs. Fanny Kemble
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This book opens in 1926, with the author considerably bewildered by [her] somewhat disordered life since [her] return to England,
Hamnett, Nina. Is She a Lady? A Problem in Autobiography. Allan Wingate, 1955.
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Travel John Millington Synge
After January 1895, Paris became Synge's most frequent destination and then his part-time home, though he also spent time studying in Rome and Florence. It was in Paris that he first met William Butler Yeats
Travel Dorothy Wellesley
DW rented the villa La Bastide near Beaulieu sur Mer in the south of France; Yeats was staying nearby with his wife, apparently restored to health after serious illness.
Wellesley, Dorothy. Far Have I Travelled. James Barrie, 1952.
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During a hectic working life MB had few holidays. She and her husband took a cruise in the Mediterranean in summer 1948, and were at Nice to see the body of W. B. Yeats shipped...
Travel John Millington Synge
JMS arrived to spend six weeks on the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland, a destination recommended to him by William Butler Yeats . It was the first of five visits.
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Saddlemyer, Ann. “Introduction and Chronology”. The Collected Letters of John Millington Synge, Oxford University Press, 1983, p. ix - xxvi.


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