George William Russell

Standard Name: Russell, George William
Used Form: Æ
Used Form: A. E.


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Anthologization Eva Gore-Booth
During the same year, 1904, several poems by EGB appeared in New Songs, a collection edited by Æ (George Russell) .
Commire, Anne, and Deborah Klezmer, editors. Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia. Yorkin Publications.
6: 408, 410
Æ was a regular supporter of EGB 's work and...
Fictionalization Constance, Countess Markievicz
In his poem Salutation, Æ (George William Russell ) writes of CCM 's part in the Easter Rising more positively than Yeats: he addresses the women of our race and Markievicz in particular,...
Friends, Associates Maud Gonne
An important friend and mentor to her in her Irish opinions
Ellmann, Richard. Yeats: The Man and the Masks. Faber and Faber.
was John O'Leary , who also provided her introduction to Yeats. She was a friend, too, of his sister Ellen O'Leary , of...
Friends, Associates P. L. Travers
Her first visit to Ireland proved crucial for the literary contacts it enabled her to make: Æ (George Russell) and W. B. Yeats . Æ, the editor of The Irish Statesman, became an important...
Friends, Associates Katharine Tynan
Among those who frequented KT 's salon were George Russell (Æ), Irish Nationalist and Fenian leader John O'Leary , Gaelic scholar and revivalist Douglas Hyde (founder of the Gaelic League , 1893), and George Sigerson
Friends, Associates Constance, Countess Markievicz
CCM then joined a social circle unlike those she had been part of as a younger woman. She and Casimir lived nearby their close associate Æ (George Russell ), with whom they sometimes exhibited...
Friends, Associates Constance, Countess Markievicz
These members included Æ (George Russell ), W. B. and Jack Yeats , J. M. Synge , and William Orpen .
Friends, Associates Helen Waddell
Friends from HW 's time at Somerville included Maude Clarke , whom she had known as a child and whose Oxford position had been one of the incentives to go there, and archaelogist Helen Lorimer
Friends, Associates Ruth Pitter
RP knew T. S. Eliot well enough to enjoy a courtly encounter with him at a bus stop, but she felt his great innovations had not necessarily been a good thing for English poetry, and...
Friends, Associates Evelyn Sharp
In Ireland in 1919 she met Maud Gonne and George Russell .
Sharp, Evelyn. Unfinished Adventure. John Lane, Bodley Head.
In 1921 Gonne slipped in to see Sharp in her hotel bedroom when she heard of her presence, thereby ensuring that from...
Intertextuality and Influence P. L. Travers
Thanks to help from Æ (George Russell ), PLT published her first piece in The Irish Statesman, of which he was editor. Her poems and essays continued to appear there for five years.
Demers, Patricia. P.L. Travers. Twayne.
Intertextuality and Influence Katharine Tynan
KT later felt this was a very-much derived little volume.
Boyd, Ernest. Ireland’s Literary Renaissance. Grant Richards.
Her critics have observed the influence on it of the Pre-Raphaelite poets, especially Christina and Dante Gabriel Rossetti .
Fallon, Ann Connerton. Katharine Tynan. Twayne.
Boyd, Ernest. Ireland’s Literary Renaissance. Grant Richards.
William Rossetti ...
Intertextuality and Influence Helen Waddell
Abelard figured in her imagination as her ideal man, and on at least one occasion she dreamed that she herself was Heloise (as an abbess and an elderly woman after Abelard's death).
Blackett, Monica. The Mark of the Maker: A Portrait of Helen Waddell. Constable.
57-8, 220
Intertextuality and Influence Gladys Henrietta Schütze
The title phrase opens one of the best-known poems by scholar and poet Francis William Bourdillon . GHS quotes a stanza from it, along with other, more canonical poets from Ovid through Milton and Wordsworth
Leisure and Society Constance, Countess Markievicz
The Markieviczes also became involved in theatre work. CCM first appeared onstage in December 1907 as a Druidess in Æ 's Deirdre. The play was produced by the Theatre of Ireland , a company...


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