Edward Carpenter

Standard Name: Carpenter, Edward
Indexed Name: Edward Carpenter, 1844 - 1929


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Cultural formation E. M. Forster
EMF made a visit to the sexual and social reformer Edward Carpenter at Milthorpe in Northamptonshire which is thought to have been instrumental in forwarding his acceptance of his own homosexuality.
Copley, Anthony. A Spiritual Bloomsbury. Lexington Boooks.
Dedications Edith Mary Moore
Her dedication, dated January 1920, addresses the socialist philosopher and sexual reformer Edward Carpenter with my love and gratitude; love for the privilege of your friendship, gratitude for all your work has taught me.
Moore, Edith Mary. The Blind Marksman. Hodder and Stoughton.
Friends, Associates Olive Schreiner
In England she also formed close friendships and intellectual bonds with feminist and socialist intellectual Eleanor Marx , barrister and mathematics professor Karl Pearson , and socialist pioneer Edward Carpenter . Others she met in...
Friends, Associates Isabella Ormston Ford
In 1875 or 1876, IOF met the writer Edward Carpenter , who introduced her to socialist ideals.
Spartacus Educational. http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/.
Hannam, June. Isabella Ford. Basil Blackwell.
. Carpenter was in Leeds conducting a series of lectures on astronomy. Though Isabella was only twenty...
Friends, Associates Evelyn Sharp
She became a close friend of Dr Louisa Garrett Anderson , of Hertha Ayrton , physicist and suffragist, and of Ayrton's daughter, Barbara Gould . These two women, mother and daughter, embodied a thread linking...
Friends, Associates Mary Gawthorpe
MG equally admired A. R. Orage and Holbrook Jackson , founders of the Leeds Arts Club . At the Club she also met Edward Carpenter , W. B. Yeats , G. K. Chesterton , George Bernard Shaw
Friends, Associates Katharine Bruce Glasier
Her involvement in socialist circles led her to acquaintance with Sidney and Beatrice Webb , Edward Hulton (editor of the Sunday Chronicle), and Robert Blatchford , for whom she wrote several articles.
Thompson, Laurence. The Enthusiasts. Victor Gollancz Limited.
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Waters
Nance is almost a colourless character apart from her capacity for passion. (In an apparently non-literary book, a tradition of steamy fiction is evoked when her desire to make Kitty sorry makes her think of...
Intertextuality and Influence Isabella Ormston Ford
Early in her writing career, IOF was influenced by the work of Edward Carpenter and Walt Whitman .
Hannam, June. Isabella Ford. Basil Blackwell.
Her experiences as a labour organizer also stimulated and encouraged her writing: she become even more...
Intertextuality and Influence E. M. Forster
The genesis of this novel probably dates from a visit which EMF made in September 1913 to the socialist and homosexual activist Edward Carpenter , whose lifelong campaign against prejudice and inequity were an inspiration...
Intertextuality and Influence Katharine Bruce Glasier
KBG was influenced early in her writing career by authors such as Walt Whitman , Edward Carpenter , and Plato .
Thompson, Laurence. The Enthusiasts. Victor Gollancz Limited.
Intertextuality and Influence Katharine Bruce Glasier
The title page of the pamphlet references works by both William Morris and Walt Whitman , while the text itself paraphrases Edward Carpenter .
Glasier, Katharine Bruce, and John Bruce Glasier. The Religion of Socialism: Two Aspects. Labour Press Society Limited;Labour Literature Society.
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Literary responses Dora Marsden
A number of comments on the journal and its legacy were highly laudatory. In about 1913, supporter and occasional contributor Edward Carpenter wrote to Marsden: The Freewoman did so well . . . under your...
politics Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
Fifty years later in her autobiography, EPL explains how, although Katherine Price Hughes never explicitly lectured on female equality, the expectations Katherine had for the women in the club introduced Emmeline to the influence and...
politics Isabella Ormston Ford
IOF 's upbringing led her at an early age to pledge to a friend to the improving of the state of the world.
Hannam, June. Isabella Ford. Basil Blackwell.
Unlike many women of her generation, however, she was unsatisfied with...


1878: William Swan Sonnenschein and J. Archibald...

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William Swan Sonnenschein and J. Archibald Allen formed a partnership in the publishing firm of Swan Sonnenschein and Allen , at 15 Paternoster Square, London.

After 25 May 1895: Following the conviction of Oscar Wilde,...

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After 25 May 1895

Following the conviction of Oscar Wilde , Edward Carpenter 's publisher broke his contract to publish Love's Coming of Age, after discovering that Carpenter had privately printed a pamphlet entitled Homogenic Love.

June 1897: The first issue of The Adult, a periodical...

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June 1897

The first issue of The Adult, a periodical from the Legitimation League , appeared: it campaigned for the rights of the illegitimate and for sex education.

31 May 1898: George Bedborough, secretary of the Legitimation...

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31 May 1898

George Bedborough , secretary of the Legitimation League which sought to change the law to improve the position of illegitimate children, was arrested, largely in an attempt to damage the League through him.

July 1914: The British Society for the Study of Sex...

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July 1914

The British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology was founded with Edward Carpenter as its first president.


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