Mathilde Blind

Standard Name: Blind, Mathilde
Birth Name: Mathilde Cohen
Birth Name: Mathilde Blind
Pseudonym: Claude Lake
Indexed Name: Matilda Blind
MB was one of the leading poets of the later nineteenth century; her burning sense of political and social injustice runs like a unifying thread through her work. Her poetry combines great beauty of sound and image with vigorous narrative, delineation of character, emotional expressiveness, and engagement with intellectual ideas. It ranges from long narrative or philosophical poems to songs and sonnets. She also wrote journalism, translation, literary criticism, biography, and a novel. Much of her work is instinct with reforming and feminist opinion, reflecting the influence of George Eliot , George Sand , and especially Elizabeth Barrett Browning .


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Education Rosa Nouchette Carey
She then attended the Ladies' Institute at St John's Wood in North London, where she formed a friendship with the future poet Mathilde Blind which was later ended by conflict between her High Church views...
Education Mary Agnes Hamilton
After seven months studying at the University of Kiel , Mary Agnes Adamson (later Hamilton) entered Newnham College, Cambridge , on a Mathilde Blind Scholarship, an award set up by the distinguished writer .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Friends, Associates Isabella Neil Harwood
The position of her father as a journal editor put INH in contact with several well-known authors of the time. She attended a party with her parents at the house of Dr Westland Marston ...
Friends, Associates Louisa May Alcott
LMA was a friend of, among others, Frances Hodgson Burnett , Ralph Waldo Emerson , who helped her family manage their financial difficulties, and Henry David Thoreau , who taught science to her and her...
Friends, Associates Mona Caird
She met Arthur Symons in June 1889, and in the following month Thomas Hardy carefully arranged to sit between her and Rosamund Marriott Watson (and opposite F. Mabel Robinson ) at a dinner of the...
Friends, Associates Rosa Nouchette Carey
After Blind , Carey counted among her friends the novelist Ellen Wood . Her life seems to have been quite retired, and centred on her family. From about 1875 she lived with another friend, a...
Friends, Associates Algernon Charles Swinburne
He had ties to writers Anne Ogle , Mary Louisa Molesworth , Ouida , and Mathilde Blind . His movement through England's literary circles also brought him into the company of Thomas Carlyle , James Anthony Froude
Friends, Associates Katharine Tynan
Other women writers present at the meeting were Amy Levy , Mathilde Blind , Clementina Black , and Graham Tomson (later Rosamund Marriott Watson) .
Tynan, Katharine. Twenty-Five Years: Reminiscences. Smith, Elder.
Friends, Associates Rosamund Marriott Watson
She forged friendships with other women writers, including Mona Caird , E. Nesbit , Mathilde Blind , Amy Levy , and Alice Meynell . She was also a friend of William Sharp , Austin Dobson
Friends, Associates Ella Hepworth Dixon
EHD considered William Heinemann , her publisher, as also a close personal friend.
Dixon, Ella Hepworth. "As I Knew Them". Huchinson.
51, 77, 187
She once attended a party in St John's Wood at the house of Karl Blind (stepfather of the poet...
Friends, Associates Ménie Muriel Dowie
As a public literary figure MMD moved amongst the major writers of her day. At the Women Writers' Dinner of the New Vagabonds Club in June 1895, she spoke alongside Adeline Sergeant , Christabel Coleridge
Friends, Associates Augusta Webster
Vernon Lee described in a diary entry attending a housewarming party at the Websters' in Hammersmith: An enormous crush, of ill-dressed, eccentric literary pumps. I spoke to Wm Rossetti , Watts , Sharp ...
Intertextuality and Influence Percy Bysshe Shelley
For generations PBS appeared the quintessential image of the Romantic poet, whose work influenced such poets as Mathilde Blind , Amy Levy , Alice Meynell , Sarojini Naidu —though for some of them he was...
Intertextuality and Influence Rosa Nouchette Carey
One of the many novels which RNC chose to dignify by quotations to head her chapters, this seems to make a particular attempt to impress. Those quoted imply considerable learning, even if (as seems likely)...
Literary responses Constance Naden
William R. Hughes provided for the Midland Naturalist a review of this book which CN called kind.
Hughes, William Richard et al. Constance Naden: A Memoir. Bickers and Son.
. The Woman's World (edited by Oscar Wilde ) gave the book one of its several...


Primarily between 1790 and 1855: During the Highland Clearances a large proportion...

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Primarily between 1790 and 1855

During the Highland Clearances a large proportion of the tenantry were evicted from small, struggling farms by their Highland estate landlords to be replaced by more profitable sheep, cattle, and deer.

2 March 1848: A revolution began in south-west Germany,...

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2 March 1848

A revolution began in south-west Germany, where the Grand Duchy of Baden's population demonstrated against the Metternich System and the Carlsbad Decrees.

January 1863: Nationalists revolted for independence in...

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January 1863

Nationalists revolted for independence in Poland, but the insurrection—led largely by students and middle-class urban folk—was put down by the Russian army.

27 August 1883: The volcano Mount Krakatoa in the Indonesian...

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27 August 1883

The volcano Mount Krakatoa in the Indonesian archipelago erupted with a force equal to multiple nuclear explosions: the 40,000 people killed included thousands of victims of tidal waves in Hawaii; the ash propelled into...

25 June 1886: The Crofters' Holdings Act gave improved...

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25 June 1886

The Crofters' Holdings Act gave improved rights to Scottish tenants in the wake of years of civil disobedience (the Crofters' War), particularly on the Isle of Skye.

July 1889: Women's Suffrage: A Reply appeared in the...

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July 1889

Women's Suffrage: A Reply appeared in the Fortnightly Review to counter Mary Augusta Ward 's Appeal Against Female Suffrage in the previous month's Nineteenth Century.


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