Clemens Wenzel Lothar Metternich-Winneburg

Standard Name: Metternich-Winneburg, Clemens Wenzel Lothar
Used Form: Clemens Von Metternich


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Family and Intimate relationships Mathilde Blind
MB 's stepfather, Dr Karl Blind , was an ardent republican, political activist, and political writer. His stepdaughter Mathilde took his name some years after he and her mother married. The couple were both imprisoned...
Friends, Associates Frances Trollope
On this visit she quickly made friends with Prince and Princess Metternich . She wrote a great deal about the famous statesman in her book [on Austria]; and her private letters are full of allusions...


October 1820
At the Congress of Troppau, Britain and France rejected Metternich 's proposal that the Holy Alliance should intervene to restore the status quo in any member nation experiencing revolution.
November 1822
At the Congress of Verona, European powers discussed the implications of the recent revolution in Spain; but there was resistance to Metternich 's proposal to establish an Italian commission to oversee the police...
January 1832
Tension between Austria and France came to a head when both Austrian troops, dispatched by Metternich , and French forces converged on Bologna to suppress an uprising there.
2 March 1848
A revolution began in south-west Germany, where the Grand Duchy of Baden's population demonstrated against the Metternich System and the Carlsbad Decrees.
13 March 1848
A revolution took place in Vienna, where protesters—both students and urban working-class people—successfully urged the Emperor Ferdinand to dismiss Clemens Von Metternich .