Austin Dobson

Standard Name: Dobson, Austin


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Anthologization Laurence Alma-Tadema
LAT 's story The Captain's Bride was included in the collection The Witching Time: Tales for the Year's End, edited by Henry Norman and Austin Dobson and published at New York in 1887. Stories...
Friends, Associates Rosamund Marriott Watson
She forged friendships with other women writers, including Mona Caird , E. Nesbit , Mathilde Blind , Amy Levy , and Alice Meynell . She was also a friend of William Sharp , Austin Dobson
Friends, Associates Augusta Webster
She also knew Frances Power Cobbe , Vernon Lee , Florence Fenwick Miller , and Mabel Robinson (likely, too, her sister A. Mary F. Robinson , who also wrote for the Athenæum at the same...
Publishing Frances Burney
This was the first (selected) printing from what survived in the form in which FB had left it. It was re-edited by Austin Dobson in 1904-5. Annie Raine Ellis (who also edited the first two...
Reception Frances Burney
FB never disappeared from literary consciousness to the same extent as many of her female contemporaries, but she was usually treated with condescension. Austin Dobson published a life of her in 1903 in Macmillan 's...


1864: Unitarian and feminist Mentia Taylor formed...

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Unitarian and feminist Mentia Taylor formed in London the Pen and Pencil Club to foster literary and artistic exchange.


Burney, Frances. Diary and Letters of Madame d’Arblay. Editors Barrett, Charlotte and Austin Dobson, Macmillan, 1905.