Arthur Symons

Standard Name: Symons, Arthur


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Anthologization Michael Field
The Poetry Bookshop issued A Selection From the Poems of Michael Field in 1923, bringing together pieces from their published poetry collections and plays, such as Underneath the Bough, Callirrhoë; Fair Rosamund, Wild...
Education T. S. Eliot
After the private boys' school Smith Academy in St Louis (founded by his grandfather) TSE went on in fall 1906 to Harvard (where the President was his cousin). He took his BA in literature and...
Friends, Associates Sarojini Naidu
SN met a number of notable English literary figures at Miss Manning's accommodations, and particularly Arthur Symons and Edmund Gosse , both of whom helped her to launch her literary career.
Friends, Associates Mona Caird
She met Arthur Symons in June 1889, and in the following month Thomas Hardy carefully arranged to sit between her and Rosamund Marriott Watson (and opposite F. Mabel Robinson ) at a dinner of the...
Friends, Associates Walter Pater
From his time at BrasenoseWP knew Oscar Browning . In Oxford and London he socialized with Edmund Gosse , Algernon Charles Swinburne , Simeon Solomon , Oscar Wilde , Vernon Lee , A. Mary F. Robinson
Friends, Associates Michael Field
Katharine and Edith Cooper shared a great many distinguished friends in the worlds of literature and aesthetics: Walter Pater , Oscar Wilde , Arthur Symons , Charles Shannon , Sarianna Browning , Thomas Sturge Moore
Friends, Associates John Millington Synge
JMS 's major supporters in his dramatic career were William Butler Yeats and Augusta, Lady Gregory , who ran the Irish National Theatre . Other famous literary supporters included G. K. Chesterton , John Masefield
Friends, Associates Charlotte Mew
In the mid-1890s, CM attended literary gatherings at the home of Henry Harland , editor of The Yellow Book. Other writers who attended included Evelyn Sharp , Netta Syrett , Max Beerbohm , Kenneth Grahame
Intertextuality and Influence Sarojini Naidu
The story of its publication has been told by Arthur Symons and Edmund Gosse , and their accounts reveal considerable English intervention to bring out the Indian aspects of her work. At the age of...
Intertextuality and Influence Edith Sitwell
ES loved Christina Rossetti from her childhood, and later thoroughly admired Gertrude Stein . As a young woman, however, she believed: Women's poetry, with the exception of Sappho . . . and Goblin MarketChristina Rossetti and...
Intertextuality and Influence Michael Field
From 1890 (when they were introduced to Walter Pater and attended, along with Oscar Wilde and Arthur Symons , a lecture he gave) Katharine and Edith were deeply influenced in their writing by Pater.
Field, Michael, and William Rothenstein. Works and Days. Editors Moore, Thomas Sturge and D. C. Sturge Moore, J. Murray.
Literary responses Christina Rossetti
Alice Meynell in a posthumous review of Rossetti's work in the New Review in 1895 argued for the artistic perfection of poems like The Three Enemies and Uphill, Advent, which exhibit a strong and...
Literary responses James Joyce
It was reviewed and praised by Arthur Symons in early May.
Ellmann, Richard. James Joyce. Oxford University Press.
Occupation Nancy Cunard
Her purpose in founding the press was to publish mainly contemporary poetry of an experimental kind. Virginia Woolf warned her that Your hands will always be covered with ink,
Ford, Hugh, editor. Nancy Cunard: Brave Poet, Indomitable Rebel 1896-1965. Chilton Book Company.
but the Hours Press became...
politics Laura Ormiston Chant
Chant's successful opposition to the licence renewal received very public criticism as well as support. Punch dubbed her Mrs Prowlina Pry. One of the opponents of restricting the licence, Arthur Symons , asked rhetorically...


1899: Arthur Symons published The Symbolist Movement...

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Arthur Symons published The Symbolist Movement in Literature, with an epigraph from Sartor Resartus by Thomas Carlyle .


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