Anne Ogle

Standard Name: Ogle, Anne
Birth Name: Ann Charlotte Ogle
Pseudonym: Ashford Owen
Anne Ogle published two novels and a short story. She was best known for her popular first novel, A Lost Love, published in 1855.


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Friends, Associates Algernon Charles Swinburne
He had ties to writers Anne Ogle , Mary Louisa Molesworth , Ouida , and Mathilde Blind . His movement through England's literary circles also brought him into the company of Thomas Carlyle , James Anthony Froude
Reception George Sand
Many other British writers were strongly influenced by GS : Geraldine Jewsbury , Matilda Hays , Anne Ogle , Eliza Lynn Linton , Mathilde Blind , and, most notably, Emily and Charlotte Brontë and George Eliot
Textual Production Adelaide Procter
Here AP 's wide literary connections paid off handsomely. Contributors to The Victoria Regia included some of the most prominent names in literature of the day, mingled with less prominent writers who were also feminists:...


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