Newnham College, Cambridge University


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Characters Katharine Bruce Glasier
The book features as its heroine Aimée Furniss, a recent graduate from Newnham College who has just taken up her first position teaching at a girls' school. Though she finds teaching rewarding, her experiences with...
Cultural formation Emma Frances Brooke
For one of her intensely religious background to attend a secular or ecumenical institution shows some strength of mind. Although the students were expected to inform the Principal of the place of worship they chose...
death Mathilde Blind
She left the greater part of her estate to Newnham College , Cambridge, to support female education through the establishment of a scholarship for Language and Literature.
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She was buried in Finchley Cemetery in...
Education Amy Levy
AL became the first Jewish woman to study at Newnham Hall (later College) (or indeed at Cambridge University), at a time when women of any kind as undergraduates were a novel phenomenon.
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Education Germaine Greer
GG became a Commonwealth Scholar (which meant she held a prestigious and well-funded award) at Newnham College, Cambridge , UK.
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Education Emma Frances Brooke
EFB , then in her late twenties, was attending Newnham College (then in its inaugural year and occupying Merton Hall in Cambridge), as one of its eight pioneering female students.
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Education Germaine Greer
GG 's PhD thesis, The Ethic of Love and Marriage in Shakespeare 's Early Comedies, was officially approved by Cambridge University .
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Education Emma Frances Brooke
Newnham College opened in September 1871 with Anne Jemima Clough as its principal, and with five pioneering students: Mary Paley (later Marshall , who encouraged Jane Ellen Harrison to follow her to Newnham), Edith Creak
Education Amy Levy
The school was one of these only recently set up by the Girls' Public Day School Company . It also took younger boys, and two of Amy's brothers attended with her. The headmistress, Edith Creak
Education Ali Smith
After completing her studies at Aberdeen, Smith began working towards a doctorate at Newnham College, Cambridge (still a women-only body). Continuing her work on the area of her MLitt, she determined to focus on the...
Education Mary Agnes Hamilton
After seven months studying at the University of Kiel , Mary Agnes Adamson (later Hamilton) entered Newnham College, Cambridge , on a Mathilde Blind Scholarship, an award set up by the distinguished writer .
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Education Flora Macdonald Mayor
Having failed to find an intelligent balance between work and play,FMM disappointed herself and worried her father by graduating from Newnham College, Cambridge , with only a third-class degree.
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Education Ray Strachey
After attending Kensington High School , Ray Costelloe (later RS ) completed a degree course in mathematics at Newnham College, Cambridge. (Women were not actually awarded Cambridge degrees until 1947.)
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Education Flora Macdonald Mayor
But FMM in 1892 managed to get into Newnham College, Cambridge , to read history, while Alice returned home to spend her days practising the piano and drawing in order to make a good marriage....
Education Elaine Feinstein
Elaine Cooklin (later EF ) received her BA in English Literature from Newnham College, Cambridge , where she had held an Open Exhibition.
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Newnham College for women was founded in Cambridge.
A Hygienic Wearing Apparel Exhibition was held at Kensington Town Hall.
early June 1890
Philippa Fawcett of Newnham College, Cambridge , was placed above the Senior Wrangler in the university's mathematics results.
28 August 1900
Henry Sidgwick , philosopher (and husband of Eleanor Sidgwick , Principal of Newnham College ), died of cancer at his brother-in-law's house in Terling, near Witham, Essex.
Late October 1921
Following the vote against full membership of Cambridge University for women, female students had to enter lectures through mobs of barracking male students.
New statutes at Cambridge University first permitted women to hold university (as opposed to merely college) teaching posts, to belong to university faculties and sit on faculty boards.
Cambridge 's first professorship bestowed on a woman, the Chair of Archaeology. was achieved by Dorothy Garrod of Newnham .