Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Standard Name: Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
Birth Name: Elizabeth Barrett Moulton Barrett
Nickname: Ba
Pseudonym: EBB
Married Name: Elizabeth Barrett Moulton Browning
Used Form: E. B. Barrett
Used Form: Elizabeth B. Barrett
Used Form: Elizabeth Barrett Barrett
Used Form: E.B.B.
Used Form: E. B. B.
EBB was recognized in her lifetime as one of the most important poets of mid-Victorian Britain. She wrote a significant corpus of poetry which ranges from the lyric through the closet drama or dramatic lyric and the dramatic monologue to the epic, as well as letters and criticism. For much of the twentieth century, interest in her focused on her romantic life-story, her letters, and Sonnets from the Portuguese. Late in the century, critical interest in her epic female künstlerroman or verse novel Aurora Leigh and her other political poetry—in which she took up the causes of working-class children, the abolition of slavery, women's issues, and the Italian Risorgimento—revived. She is again considered one of the leading and most influential voices of her day.


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Anthologization Robert Browning
Richard Hengist Horne published A New Spirit of the Age, with contributions from a number of authors including Elizabeth Barrett and RB (who had yet to meet).
Browning, Robert, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. “Editorial Materials”. The Brownings’ Correspondence, edited by Philip Kelley, Ronald Hudson, and Scott Lewis, Wedgestone Press, 1984, p. Various pages.
8: xii
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Irvine, William, and Park Honan. The Book, the Ring, and the Poet: A Biography of Robert Browning. McGraw-Hill, 1974.
Cultural formation Robert Browning
RB and Elizabeth Barrett Browning participated in a séance with D. D. Home .
Porter, Katherine H. Through a Glass Darkly: Spiritualism in the Browning Circle. Octagon, 1972.
death Julia Pardoe
In her later years JP had endured a great deal of mockery. Samuel Carter Hall noted in his Book of Memories of Great Men and Women of the Age, from Personal Acquaintance that she was...
death Isa Blagden
Her grave is near those of her friends Elizabeth Barrett Browning , Theodosia Trollope and Frances Trollope ).
death Jessie White Mario
Her funeral procession (which passed Casa Guidi dressed in celebration of Barrett Browning 's centenary) included a handful of surviving Garibaldians, one hundred schoolgirls carrying roses, and a group of university professors.
Daniels, Elizabeth Adams. Jessie White Mario: Risorgimento Revolutionary. Ohio University Press, 1972.
She was...
death Jessie Ellen Cadell
She was buried, says Richard Garnett, in the cemetery which holds the remains of Mrs. Browning and Landor and Theodore Parker and so many other gifted men and women of English race.
Garnett, Richard, Omar Khayyám, and Omar Khayyám. “Introduction”. The Ruba’yat of Omar Khayam, edited by Richard Garnett, translated by. Jessie Ellen Cadell, John Lane, 1899, p. v - xxx.
An article...
Dedications Robert Browning
It was dedicated to the memory of his wife , with the apostrophe: O lyric Love, half angel and half bird.
Browning, Robert. The Ring and the Book. Collins, Thomas J. and Richard D. AltickEditors , Broadview, 2001.
Volumes 1 and 2 were published in 1868; the final volume, number 4...
Dedications Harriet Martineau
Elizabeth Barrett Browning denied that she was the unnamed invalid to whom the book was dedicated; according to HM many readers instantly detected the identity of the author.
Browning, Robert, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The Brownings’ Correspondence. Kelley, Philip, Ronald Hudson, and Scott LewisEditors , Wedgestone Press, 1984.
8: xii
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Dedications Dinah Mulock Craik
The Head of the Family is dedicated to Elizabeth Barrett Browning , whom DMC designates the good influence of my life although not a personal friend.
Craik, Dinah Mulock. The Head of the Family. Chapman and Hall, 1878.
The New York edition was a single volume...
Education L. M. Montgomery
LMM attended a one-room schoolhouse across the road from her grandparents' farmhouse, completing her time there in 1892. The following year, she went to the Prince of Wales College in Charlottetown for teacher training. Her...
Education Emily Jane Pfeiffer
Her family's financial troubles prevented EJP from receiving a formal or thorough education. In her own words, education was not within the reach of the gently born who were also poor, therefore I had little...
Education Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
The only daughter in a family of boys, ESP credited her father for her intellectual development: He was my climate. As soon as I began to think, I began to reverence thought and study and...
Education Emily Hickey
She demonstrated an early interest in reading. Scott , Tennyson , and Barrett Browning numbered among her early favourites. Her father, however, did not allow her to read Shakespeare , as he was repelled by...
Education Toru Dutt
TD and Aru were briefly enrolled at a boarding school in Nice where they studied French.
Rao, Raja, and Toru Dutt. “Aru and Toru”. Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindustan, Writers Workshop, 1972.
After moving to England they continued their studies and attended the Higher Lectures for Women series begun by Henry Sidgwick
Education Mrs Alexander
Encouraged to read widely, MA was educated at home by governesses. Years later she said that having no playmates as a child, she steeped herself in books, mostly poetry. This was the best education I...


In a bonfire of the vanities in Florence, Italy, Girolamo Savonarola destroyed texts by Ovid , Dante , Boccaccio and others.
One of the best-known poems of John Skelton , The Bowge of Courte, probably dates from this season. It was printed by Wynkyn de Worde the following year.
27 December 1831
A major slave uprising, the Baptist War, Christmas Rebellion, or Great Jamaican Slave Revolt, began with the setting afire of the Kensington Estate. Over the next two weeks it spread to several more parishes, causing...
20 March 1839
The Anti-Corn Law League was founded.
William Edmonstoune Aytoun and Theodore Martin published the satirical A Book of Ballads, as edited by Bon Gaultier.
11 October 1845
A translated edition of Emanuel Swedenborg 's work The Principia was published in London; this form of spiritualism soon became popular in elite intellectual circles.
19 November 1845
Edgar Allan Poe published The Raven and Other Poems.
9 April 1855
American Daniel Dunglas Home arrived in England as a self-proclaimed spiritualist missionary.
December 1855
Barbara Leigh Smith , later Bodichon, founded the Married Women's Property Committee (sometimes called the Women's Committee) to draw up a petition for a married women's property bill.
14 March 1856
A petitionfor Reform of the Married Women's Property Law, organized by the Married Women's Property Committee and signed by many prominent women, was presented to both Houses of Parliament.
16 April 1860
King Victor Emmanuel II made his triumphal entry into Florence.
By 20 October 1860
Faithful for Ever, the third part of Coventry Patmore 's poemThe Angel in the House, was published.
A company in Salem, Massachusetts, issued what seems to be the earliest version of a game called Authors, whose object was to collect sets of cards bearing the names of writers and the...
Emily Taylor (1795-18), who is remembered for books connected with her school-teaching career, published Memories of some Contemporary Poets, with Selections from their Writings, with a good representation of women among her subjects (from...
Eva Hope 's Queens of Literature of the Victorian Era singled out Mary Somerville , Harriet Martineau , Elizabeth Barrett Browning , Charlotte Brontë , George Eliot , and Felicia Hemans .