John Ruskin

Standard Name: Ruskin, John


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Cultural formation Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Biographers have tended to adopt Robert Browning's scornful skepticism of the spiritualist movement, but it was not a fringe phenomenon. EBB was, historian Alex Owen argues, characteristic of those attracted to spiritualism by its deeply...
Cultural formation Michael Field
Ruskin was furious at the revelation of her atheism, and sent her an angry series of letters in which he called her too stupid.
Field, Michael, and William Rothenstein. Works and Days. Moore, Thomas Sturge and D. C. Sturge MooreEditors , J. Murray, 1933.
This rift, however, was not absolute: it did not...
death Jane Welsh Carlyle
She had planned to host a tea-party whose guests were to include Geraldine Jewsbury , John Ruskin , the J. A. Froude and his second wife , and Margaret Oliphant . Ruskin was not told...
Education Jessie Fothergill
She acquired much knowledge through her voracious consumption of books: I loved books, and read all that I could get hold of, and have had many a rebuke for poring over those books instead of...
Education Mary Augusta Ward
On her arrival in Oxford, her father became to some extent interested in her education, enrolling her for music lessons with the organist James Taylor , and having her copy work for him. He provided...
Education Frances E. W. Harper
Her education continued throughout her life. Her first employer owned a bookstore and maintained a private library in which he permitted her to read. She indulged herself in the works of John Ruskin , John Stuart Mill
Education Dorothy Richardson
The headmistress, Miss Harriet Rebecca Sandell , was a disciple of Ruskin and promoted a liberal education for girls. DR appreciated her education here, which included studies in English history, English literature, French, German, scripture...
Family and Intimate relationships Violet Hunt
VH 's mother was the writer Margaret (Raine) Hunt , born on 14 October 1831. Her childhood home, Crook Hall in County Durham, was visited by Dorothy and William Wordsworth , John Ruskin ...
Family and Intimate relationships Violet Hunt
The first of VH 's two younger sisters was christened Venetia Margaret but was known as Venice after The Stones of Venice by Ruskin , who was also her godfather.
Belford, Barbara. Violet. Simon and Schuster, 1990.
Family and Intimate relationships Violet Hunt
The youngest of the three girls was christened Sylvia Kingsley after Holman Hunt 's painting Valentine Rescuing Sylvia from Proteus (an illustration to Shakespeare 's Two Gentlemen of Verona), but the spelling was changed...
Family and Intimate relationships John Strange Winter
They had met in 1883, and become engaged within five days. The wedding took place four months later. The marriage was said to be a happy one. Stannard soon gave up his career in engineering...
Family and Intimate relationships Violet Hunt
By eleven, encouraged by their mother, Violet and her sister Venice were competing for Ruskin 's affections: they referred to him as either the prophet or the Professor. When she was thirteen years old,...
Family and Intimate relationships Kate Greenaway
KG may have harboured unrequited romantic feelings for Ruskin . Among poems inspired by her romantic daydreams,
Engen, Rodney. Kate Greenaway: A Biography. Macdonald Futura Publishers Limited, 1981.
she wrote in a letter dated 27 February 1887: I think it deepen'd—I'm not sure
Family and Intimate relationships Coventry Patmore
Together they had six children: three daughters and three sons. Emily's education (including studies in Greek, Latin, and French) was probably guided by her father, Edward Andrews , who had been Ruskin 's Greek tutor...
Friends, Associates Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
Her parents often hosted musical and cultural events that drew visitors from London's artistic circles. As a girl, MEC would have seen Alfred Tennyson , John Ruskin , William Holman Hunt , Fanny Kemble ...


5 April 1843
John Ruskin , as a Graduate of Oxford, published the first volume of Modern Painters.
10 May 1849
John Ruskin published The Seven Lamps of Architecture, a seminal text for the Arts and Crafts movement.
3 March 1851
John Ruskin published The Foundations, the first volume of his influential study of architecture and culture entitled The Stones of Venice.
13 May 1851
John Ruskin published a letter in The Times lauding the works of the Pre-Raphaelites .
19 December 1851
English landscape painter Joseph Turner died.
By 23 July 1853
John Ruskin published The Stones of Venice, Volume the Second—The Sea Stories.
By 22 October 1853
John Ruskin published The Stones of Venice. Volume the Third—The Fall.
7 May 1855
Painter Joanna Mary Boyce 's Elgiva was hung at the Royal Academy exhibition; this was Boyce's first public exposure.
July 1855
Painter John Everett Millais married Euphemia Chalmers Gray , whose marriage to John Ruskin had been annulled earlier in the year.
John Everett Millais exhibited The Blind Girl and Autumn Leaves.
The Reader, a weekly Review of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Roos, David A. “The Aims and Intentions of Nature”. Victorian Science and Victorian Values: Literary Perspectives, edited by James Paradis and Thomas Postlewait, New York Academy of Sciences, 1981, pp. 159 - 80.
Housing reformer Octavia Hill began to manage her first block of residences, in Paradise Place, Marylebone.
Before October 1865
John Ruskin published his popular treatise on gender roles, Sesame and Lilies.
7 October 1865
Governor Edward Eyre ruthlessly suppressed a rebellion which began at Morant Bay in Jamaica.
John Ruskin and George Allen founded George Allen and Son to publish Ruskin's work.