William Holman Hunt

Standard Name: Hunt, William Holman


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Family and Intimate relationships Fay Weldon
Fay's maternal grandmother, whom she calls Frieda early in her autobiography but Nona from the time they became close, and who was called Susan by her husband, had modelled for Holman Hunt as a girl...
Family and Intimate relationships Virginia Woolf
VW 's mother, née Julia Prinsep Jackson (1846-95), was born in India and brought to England as a toddler.
Hussey, Mark. Virginia Woolf A to Z. Facts on File.
She was a favourite niece (and subject) of photographer Julia Margaret Cameron , on whom...
Family and Intimate relationships Dinah Mulock Craik
George Lillie Craik became (following his marriage to Dinah Mulock and possibly as a result of his connection with her) a partner in the Macmillan publishing firm .
Mitchell, Sally. Dinah Mulock Craik. Twayne.
The marriage apparently proved happy. The...
Family and Intimate relationships Violet Hunt
The youngest of the three girls was christened Sylvia Kingsley after Holman Hunt 's painting Valentine Rescuing Sylvia from Proteus (an illustration to Shakespeare 's Two Gentlemen of Verona), but the spelling was changed...
Family and Intimate relationships Georgiana Chatterton
Rebecca's mother was born Martha Chatterton. Rebecca (also known as Pysie) had maintained a close relationship with GC since she was young, visiting or staying with her mother at the Chattertons', and later doing...
Friends, Associates Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
Her parents often hosted musical and cultural events that drew visitors from London's artistic circles. As a girl, MEC would have seen Alfred Tennyson , John Ruskin , William Holman Hunt , Fanny Kemble ...
Friends, Associates Dinah Mulock Craik
DMC chaperoned Edith Waugh to Switzerland to marry painter William Holman Hunt , who was the widower of Waugh's deceased sister.
Mitchell, Sally. Dinah Mulock Craik. Twayne.
Friends, Associates Emily Davies
In London, ED met John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor . At Emily Faithfull 's parties, frequented by Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon, Isa Craig , and Bessie Rayner Parkes, she met Anthony Trollope , Louis Blanc
Friends, Associates Michael Field
While in Paris, they lunched with Anna Swanwick , who introduced them to Holman Hunt and his wife . On the same trip they met William Michael Rossetti .
Field, Michael, and William Rothenstein. Works and Days. Editors Moore, Thomas Sturge and D. C. Sturge Moore, J. Murray.
114-15, 116
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Gaskell
The artistic pursuits of EG 's daughter Meta produced friendships with John Ruskin and with Pre-RaphaelitesWilliam Holman Hunt and Dante Gabriel Rossetti .
Uglow, Jennifer S. Elizabeth Gaskell: A Habit of Stories. Faber and Faber.
Friends, Associates Emilie Barrington
She met him again through their mutual friend Mrs Nassau Senior . Watts's biographer Ronald Chapman suggests that Watts needed Barrington as a mirror to show him his reflection, to present to him an encouraging...
Leisure and Society Marie Belloc Lowndes
MBL began her married life with a daily servant (who came at 8 a.m. and stayed till 9 p.m.) instead of the live-in one her mother had employed. Though she was a great attender at...
Literary responses Georgiana Chatterton
William Holman Hunt wrote that her prose was so clear that it seemed more like an original text than a translation.
“The Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton”. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.
The Athenæum reviewer praised this version as being the only selection suitable for a...
Material Conditions of Writing Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
Shortly before her death, MEC finished her work on an illustrated life of the still-living Pre-Raphaelite artist Holman Hunt.
Stanford, Donald E., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 19. Gale Research.
Occupation Christina Rossetti
The second title uses the Latin version of the words which the Virgin Mary spoke to the angel of the Annunciation, in English Behold the handmaid of the Lord!CR sat also as model for...


: The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was founded...

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The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was founded in rebellion against the constraints and techniques of art as practised by the Royal Academy .

: Dante Gabriel Rossetti's painting The Girlhood...

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti 's painting The Girlhood of Mary Virgin (featuring Christina Rossetti as its model) appearing at the Free Exhibition at Hyde Park Gallery , was the first to display the initials of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood .

7 May 1849: The Royal Academy exhibition (held on the...

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7 May 1849

The Royal Academy exhibition (held on the first Monday in May) featured the first Pre-Raphaelite works by William Holman Hunt and John Everett Millais .


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