Octavia Hill

Standard Name: Hill, Octavia


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Family and Intimate relationships Sophia Jex-Blake
Octavia Hill , raised by her mother and grandfather after her father suffered a mental breakdown, lived through a childhood of poverty. She impressed SJB with her work ethic and sensitivity, and was herself moved...
Family and Intimate relationships Carola Oman
Having worked before her marriage with the Metropolitan Association for Befriending Young Servants (founded by Octavia Hill ), Mary Oman worked in Oxford for innumerable charities including the Church Missionary Society .
Oman, Carola. An Oxford Childhood. Hodder and Stoughton.
She supported...
Family and Intimate relationships George Eliot
Rosemary Ashton , biographer of GE , says there is no evidence whether or how much GE regretted the childlessness which she chose because of law and social prejudice. After Lewes told his three sons...
Friends, Associates Mary Howitt
Visitors who stayed with the Howitts at The Elms included Hans Christian Andersen , Tennyson , Elizabeth Gaskell , and Eliza Meteyard , who wrote as Silver Pen. Their circle also included Charles Dickens
Friends, Associates Hesba Stretton
HS 's notable friends and associates included Angela Burdett-Coutts , Henrietta Synnot , social reformer Octavia Hill (a specialist in housing reform), French protestant historian J. H. Merle D'Aubigné , and German theologian Franz Delitzsch .
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder.
Kelly, Gary, and Edd Applegate, editors. Dictionary of Literary Biography 190. Gale Research.
190: 312
Friends, Associates Emilie Barrington
EB 's other literary, cultural, and civic-minded friends included writers Henry James , Walter Pater , Walter Crane (a moving spirit in the Arts and Crafts movement), and the philathropist and reformer Octavia Hill (whose...
Friends, Associates George Eliot
Some of her closest friends were prominent feminists, and they were among those soonest willing to flout convention and visit her after her union to Lewes.
Despite the social and spiritual gulf between them, GE
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Gaskell
By 1852, EG 's strong nucleus of important female friends included Barbara Leigh Smith , Bessie Parkes , Adelaide Procter , Octavia and Miranda Hill , and Harriet Martineau .
Uglow, Jennifer S. Elizabeth Gaskell: A Habit of Stories. Faber and Faber.
Literary Setting Margaret Harkness
A City Girl is an empathetic portrait of the struggle of women to survive financially and sexually in the slums of the East End of London (which form the setting of most of MH 's...
Material Conditions of Writing Beatrice Webb
She was working as manager of these buildings, part of the low-income housing project of the Charity Organization Society (COS) founded by Octavia Hill .
Occupation Sophia Jex-Blake
While she was a student at Queen's College, London , SJB became by invitation a maths tutor there. For this she received a salary, her acceptance of which was disparaged by her father, who wrote...
Occupation Susan Tweedsmuir
ST began her career (her own term) in welfare work under the ægis of Mrs. Humphry Ward .
Tweedsmuir, Susan. The Lilac and the Rose. G. Duckworth.
She began by serving food to crippled children at the Passmore Edwards Settlement (later the Mary...
Occupation Harriet Shaw Weaver
HSW volunteered with the Holiday Fund , founded by Canon Barnett to send ailing slum children away for recuperative vacations.
Barnett was a disciple of Octavia Hill and a founding spirit in the Charity Organization Society
Occupation Beatrice Webb
Beatrice Potter (later BW ) volunteered as a case-worker for the philanthropic Charity Organization Society (COS) founded by Octavia Hill .
Nord, Deborah Epstein. The Apprenticeship of Beatrice Webb. University of Massachusetts Press.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
Occupation Emilie Barrington
After Watts 's former residence at Little Holland House was pulled down in 1875, it was EB who provided a long-term home at her own house for some of the frescoes with which Watts had...


1864: Octavia Hill began tenement-dwelling reforms...

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Octavia Hill began tenement-dwelling reforms in London.

October 1864: The Working Women's College opened in Queen...

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October 1864

The Working Women's College opened in Queen Street, London.

1865: Housing reformer Octavia Hill began to manage...

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Housing reformer Octavia Hill began to manage her first block of residences, in Paradise Place, Marylebone.

1869: The Charity Organization Society was founded...

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The Charity Organization Society was founded by Octavia Hill .

1873: In an unlikely alliance, Octavia Hill's charitable...

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In an unlikely alliance, Octavia Hill 's charitable visitors and volunteer rent collectors began to share information with the Marylebone Poor Law officials.

1877: Octavia Hill founded the Kyrle Society; this...

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Octavia Hill founded the Kyrle Society ; this organization sought to bring beauty to the lives of the poor, through the creation of public parks, private gardens, and home decor.

1881: The Kyrle Society (founded by Octavia Hill...

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The Kyrle Society (founded by Octavia Hill in 1877) held its first public meeting, which Emilie Barrington described some years later in a letter to The Times.

1882: After seventeen years as a housing reformer,...

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After seventeen years as a housing reformer, Octavia Hill was personally responsible for the dwellings of 378 families comprising 2,000 individuals.

1884: Impressed by the housing activist's previous...

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Impressed by the housing activist's previous successes, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners gave over management of a block of flats to Octavia Hill .

As early as 1885: Octavia Hill gave evidence to the Royal Commission...

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As early as 1885

Octavia Hill gave evidence to the Royal Commission on the Housing of the Working Classes.

Lent term 1887: A paper by Henrietta Barnett at the Cambridge...

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Lent term 1887

A paper by Henrietta Barnett at the Cambridge Ladies' Discussion Society led to the foundation that year of the Women's University Settlement in Southwark, the first settlement for women.

12 January 1895: The National Trust was founded at Grosvenor...

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12 January 1895

The National Trust was founded at Grosvenor House in London by Octavia Hill , Hardwicke Rawnsley , and Robert Hunter (who had been working towards its opening for nearly a year).

March 1906: A company was set up, largely through the...

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March 1906

A company was set up, largely through the efforts of Henrietta Barnett , for the development of Hampstead Garden Suburb just north of London, as a community including people of all classes and income levels.

13 August 1912: Octavia Hill, housing advocate and one-time...

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13 August 1912

Octavia Hill , housing advocate and one-time friend of John Ruskin , died of cancer in her home at 190 Marylebone Road, London.


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