Edward John Eyre

Standard Name: Eyre, Edward John
Used Form: Edward J. Eyre
Used Form: Governor Eyre


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politics Charles Dickens
Throughout his life CD was a vocal proponent of various causes as well as of the arts, and his name is still strongly associated with social and legal reform. He was, however, quite conservative in...


18 June 1840-7 July 1841: Edward J. Eyre completed a gruelling expedition...

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18 June 1840-7 July 1841

Edward J. Eyre completed a gruelling expedition overland from Adelaide to King George's Sound.

7 October 1865: Governor Edward Eyre ruthlessly suppressed...

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7 October 1865

Governor Edward Eyre ruthlessly suppressed a rebellion which began at Morant Bay in Jamaica.

23 March 1866: The Jamaica Government Act was passed in...

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23 March 1866

The Jamaica Government Act was passed in the UK; it was the first of a number of instances in which a constitution was rewritten to incorporate rule from London.


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