Elizabeth Jennings

Standard Name: Jennings, Elizabeth
Birth Name: Elizabeth Joan Jennings
EJ was a twentieth-century English poet writing on family, literary, and religious subjects. Peter Levi calls her maybe the last poet of what may be called the soul.
The Ship. St Anne’s College.
92: 54
Early in her career she was identified as being part of the Movement, along with other young Oxford poets like Kingsley Amis and Philip Larkin . She found this label problematic.


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Anthologization Fleur Adcock
From early in her career FA was an insightful critic as well as a poet, and her judgements were already informed by a matured understanding of the shaping force of gender. Dannie Abse included her...
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Friends, Associates Anne Stevenson
In Oxford AS met a number of other poets: John Wain , Anne Ridler , Elizabeth Jennings , Anne Born , Andrew Motion , Craig Raine , Peter Levi , and Anne Pennington , who died a few years later.
Contemporary Authors, Autobiography Series. Gale Research, 1984.
9: 284
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In later years, KR had a circle of friends at Cambridge which included C. S. Lewis , Edwin Muir and his wife Willa , Elizabeth Jennings , Owen Barfield , A. C. Harwood , Tom Henn
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The chapters are headed with quotations ranging eclectically through the international canon and counter-canon from Sophocles and The Ramayana of Valmiki (an ancient Indian epic) to Spike Milligan , via Charles Baudelaire , T. S. Eliot
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CR was mourned in a sonnet by Michael Field shortly after her death. Her influence extended to many other poets of her own time or close to it, including Gerard Manley Hopkins , Rosamund Marriott Watson
Literary responses Edith Sitwell
This was praised by British Book News, which rejoiced to find ES 's astonishing verbal dexterity employed in her later work upon themes of ever-increasing profundity . . . . She is a poet...
Literary responses Carol Ann Duffy
Elizabeth Jennings praised CAD 's dexterity with language, that glorious juggling which poets sometimes achieve with a sense of surprise even to themselves.
Duffy, Carol Ann. Selected Poems. Penguin, 1994.
The book won a Somerset Maugham Award, intended to fund travel...
Literary responses Willa Muir
WM characterised this book as very like a Scotch bun . . . because it has a bit of everything in it, not classified into layers like a respectable English cake.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
The poet Elizabeth Jennings
Reception Philip Larkin
Anthony Thwaite edited PL 's Collected Poems in 1988 and his Selected Letters, 1940-1985, in 1992. Andrew Motion published a biography in 1993.
Solo: Search Oxford University Libraries Online.
Both Alan Bennett and Martin Amis have edited selections of Larkin's...
Textual Features Germaine Greer
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AM 's subtle, meditative, poetic style shares characteristics with other religious women writers, looking back to Christina Rossetti and forward to Elizabeth Jennings . She disliked praise of her writing as feminine, preferring this...
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RP takes the journey as the most central of all poetic images. The first part of her book is a guide to reading poetry, divided under headings of which many include the words journey,...
Textual Production Penelope Shuttle
The first book that affected PS deeply was Brontë 's Jane Eyre, with whose protagonist she identified.
Steffens, Daneet. “Penelope Shuttle”. Mslexia, No. 33, pp. 46 - 8.
At fifteen she read T. S. Eliot and Emily Dickinson and conceived a wish to be...
Textual Production Gillian Clarke
GC has contributed poems to more than half a dozen journals, Welsh, English, and American, and most frequently to Poetry Wales, the New Welsh Review, and Poetry Nation Review (PNR). She has reviewed...


1 January 1916
The British edition of Vogue (an American fashion magazine) began publishing from Condé Nast in Hanover Square, London.
The quarterly magazineOutposts (described by poet Elizabeth Jennings as that great encourager of young talent) began publication.
The title of Leslie Allen Paul 's memoirs, Angry Young Man, provided the term Angry Young Men, applied in newspapers and then by critics to a group of largely working-class, socially rebellious, young...
14 January 1956
D. J. Enright 's anthologyPoets of the 1950s brought together work by eight poets generally taken to be leading voices in the recently-catagorized, modern but anti-modernist Movement.
In a league table of sales in verse for these years, published by the Guardian in October 2000, Ted Hughes was the highest with 172,174, Seamus Heaney second with 34,690, and Carol Ann Duffy third...