Alan Bennett

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Fictionalization W. H. Auden
His influence on poetry written in English has continued into the twenty-first century. In Alan Bennett 's The Habit of Art, performed and published in 2009, dramatised the reunion of Auden and Britten late...
Friends, Associates Fay Weldon
Their social circle in north London included many writers and painters, including Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath , David and Assia Wevill , Kingsley Amis and Elizabeth Jane Howard , Bernice Rubens , psychologist R. D. Laing
Literary responses Ivy Compton-Burnett
During the early part of ICB 's career she was little regarded or understood. Raymond Mortimer was one of the first to perceive her quality, and she quickly began to attract the attention of younger...
Literary responses Richmal Crompton
In a 1989 article in The Listener, journalist Patrick Humphries imagined a future for William in which he is married to Violet Elizabeth (who has therefore taken over the name of Mrs Brown...
Literary responses Sarah Kane
A propos the Sheffield production of 2015, Alan Bennett commented on the difficulty of achieving realism with such extreme violence: how can a character mutilated on stage be shown as having attention for anything at...
Literary responses Philip Larkin
PL declined the poet laureateship, which was offered him after John Betjeman died (on 19 May 1984), on the grounds that he was no longer a practising poet. His many honorary doctorates included those with...
Literary responses Hilary Mantel
Colin Burrow found this novel brilliant, perhaps perverse, offering substantial and deep pleasure to the reader, excelling particularly when the historical record is uncertain or contradictory, well able to stand comparison with the portrait of...
Reception Philip Larkin
Anthony Thwaite edited PL 's Collected Poems in 1988 and his Selected Letters, 1940-1985, in 1992. Andrew Motion published a biography in 1993.
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Both Alan Bennett and Martin Amis have edited selections of Larkin's...
Residence Sylvia Plath
Alan Bennett noted in February 2010 that the house has a blue plaque saying that Yeats lived there, but no mention that Plath died there.
Eliot, George. “Editorial Materials”. Essays of George Eliot, edited by Thomas Pinney, Columbia University Press, p. various pages.


23 August 1960: The satirical review Beyond the Fringe, launched...

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23 August 1960

The satirical review Beyond the Fringe, launched at the Edinburgh Festival, inaugurated a new style of surreal and irreverent topical comedy in Britain.


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