Andrew Motion

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Anthologization Fleur Adcock
The Penguin Book of Contemporary British Poetry, edited by Blake Morrison and Andrew Motion , included FA among its poets.
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
Anthologization Medbh McGuckian
MMG has been invited to contribute poems to many anthologies. Early in her career, her work was included in the influential Contemporary British Poetry, edited by Blake Morrison and Andrew Motion and published by...
Anthologization Jo Shapcott
JS had already appeared with Helen Dunmore and Matthew Sweeney in 1997 in Penguin Modern Poets volume 12. Writing by her was included in three anthologies in the year 2001. Andrew Motion placed her work...
Friends, Associates Philip Larkin
PL 's friendship with Jim Sutton , dating from his schooldays,terminated abruptly in January 1952.
Brennan, Maeve. The Philip Larkin I Knew. Manchester University Press.
One of his closest male friends, from his university days onwards, was the novelist Kingsley Amis . The...
Friends, Associates Anne Stevenson
In Oxford AS met a number of other poets: John Wain , Anne Ridler , Elizabeth Jennings , Anne Born , Andrew Motion , Craig Raine , Peter Levi , and Anne Pennington , who died a few years later.
Contemporary Authors, Autobiography Series. Gale Research.
9: 284
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Bishop
The strength of EB 's influence on British and Irish poetry was variously recognised during the 1980s by Andrew Motion , Seamus Heaney , James Fenton , and Eavan Boland , and during the 1990s...
Literary responses Philip Larkin
The volume had just one review: in the Coventry Evening Telegraph. It said that Larkin's recondite imagery is couched in phrases that make up in a kind of wistful hinted beauty what they lack...
Literary responses Philip Larkin
Ten years after his first collection appeared, this one at last brought PL admiration and respect. The Times Literary Supplement called him a poet of quite exceptional importance, and The Times picked the volume as...
Literary responses Philip Larkin
Maeve Brennan was responding to one side of this mix when she later wrote that she found this collection angry, iconoclastic, loveless in tone, lacking the warmth and compassion of The Whitsun Weddings.
Brennan, Maeve. The Philip Larkin I Knew. Manchester University Press.
Literary responses Philip Larkin
Andrew Motion called this, with Love Again (1979), one of the two unqualified successes of his last decade.
Motion, Andrew. Philip Larkin: A Writer’s Life. Faber and Faber.
Literary responses Fleur Adcock
Reviewing The Inner Harbour for the Observer, Peter Porter reported with satisfaction that Adcock was getting better and better. In Encounter, John Mole likened her combination of fastidious classicism and violent phantasmagoric effect...
Literary responses Penelope Shuttle
The future poet laureate Andrew Motion found the book seriously flawed by portentousness and the sentences of excessively wrought luxuriance with which its opening chapters abound. But he saw these as flaws in a text...
Literary responses Seamus Heaney
Motion mentions the famous comparison of Heaney with Yeats , and observes that they shared a commitment to the matter of Ireland, but that Heaney eschews Yeats's cloudy symbols for an investment in the...
Literary responses Anne Stevenson
Her fellow-poet Andrew Motion wrote in the Times Literary Supplement about this volume that AS 's method is to confront the harsh realities of life, acknowledge the temptation to evade them, and then discover rewards...
Publishing Selima Hill
SH published her first poetry collection, Saying Hello at the Station, through Chatto , whose poetry editor, Andrew Motion , had himself approached her to ask for a volume.
Whitaker’s Books in Print. J. Whitaker and Sons.
Taylor, Debbie. “Interview with Selima Hill”. Mslexia, Vol.
, pp. 39-40.


23 September 2005: A commission from The Guardian to established...

Women writers item

23 September 2005

A commission from The Guardian to established poets to write a contemporary nursery rhyme produced mostly little pieces about doom and gloom.


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