Peter Levi

Standard Name: Levi, Peter


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Friends, Associates Elizabeth Jennings
She had a remarkably catholic talent for friendship. During her student days she became a friend of Philip Larkin and Kingsley Amis . Her correspondents at this and later periods of her life included her...
Friends, Associates Sally Purcell
Her friends included many other writers: Marina Warner , Alasdair Clayre , Peter Levi , John Wain and his wife Eirian , and Simon King .
Warner, Marina, and Sally Purcell. “Preface”. Collected Poems, edited by Peter Jay and Peter Jay, Anvil Press Poetry, pp. 15-18.
Jay, Peter, and Sally Purcell. “Foreword and Note on the Text”. Collected Poems, edited by Peter Jay and Peter Jay, Anvil Press Poetry, pp. 19-24.
Friends, Associates Anne Stevenson
In Oxford AS met a number of other poets: John Wain , Anne Ridler , Elizabeth Jennings , Anne Born , Andrew Motion , Craig Raine , Peter Levi , and Anne Pennington , who died a few years later.
Contemporary Authors, Autobiography Series. Gale Research.
9: 284
Literary responses Sybille Bedford
Peter Levi in The Spectator commented on the capacity of SB 's writing to make the most ordinary journeys and shopping expeditions read like a crisp, unforgettable honeymoon.
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
Literary responses Elaine Feinstein
These translations have been much admired. Ellendea Proffer wrote in the New York Times Book Review that they are certainly . . . the best translations available (a compliment that ignores the dearth of competition)....
Literary responses Elizabeth Jennings
She held bursaries or grants from the Arts Council (after the initial one for her first book) in 1965, 1968, and 1972.
“Lauinger Library: Special Collections Division”. Georgetown University Library.
Some critics disparage EJ 's work along lines effectively summarized by Robert Crawford
Author summary Elizabeth Jennings
EJ was a twentieth-century English poet writing on family, literary, and religious subjects. Peter Levi calls her maybe the last poet of what may be called the soul.
The Ship. St Anne’s College.
92: 54
Early in her career she...
Textual Production Sally Purcell
SP 's only translation from a contemporary poet was Amorgos from the modern Greek of Nikos Gatsos . Since her command of modern Greek was not equal to her knowledge of the ancient language, she...
Textual Production Anne Ridler
This collection contained contributions from poets, artists, and musicians to the celebration of the nine hundredth anniversary of Winchester Cathedral. Humphrey Clucas , Clive Sansom , Leslie Norris , Elizabeth Jennings , Peter Levi ,...


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Levi, Peter. Tennyson. Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1993.