Martin Amis

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Education Michèle Roberts
She chose the medieval option. Her tutor was Rosemary Woolf , and she studied no authors later than Shakespeare . She reports the results of this in two different ways. In one version the course...
Family and Intimate relationships Germaine Greer
Also named as her lovers were film-maker Warren Beatty and novelist Martin Amis .
Ellen, Barbara. “The Life of Germaine Greer review—an elusive firebrand”.
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Jane Howard
They had been living together for more than a year, and EJH had already embarked on the difficult stepmother relationship with the three Amis children—especially the two boys, who were living with them, and were...
Friends, Associates Ruth Rendell
There RR lent out estate cottages to avant-garde writers younger than herself, such as Martin Amis , Julian Barnes , and Jeanette Winterson , to provide them with a place to write.
Parker, Peter, editor. A Reader’s Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers. Oxford University Press.
Friends, Associates Zadie Smith
Through a Cambridge friend ZS met (while she was a nineteen-year-old undergraduate, not a published writer) Ian McEwan and Martin Amis . It was at McEwan's wedding celebration, a party full of people from my...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Jane Howard
Before beginning this novel she asked the advice of her stepson Martin Amis to help her choose between this and a present-day version of Austen 's Sense and Sensibility. He opted unhesitatingly for the...
Intertextuality and Influence Christine Brooke-Rose
The reviewer for the Times Literary Supplement found the regressive narrative disconcerting and tiring.
Birch, Sarah. Christine Brooke-Rose and Contemporary Fiction. Clarendon Press.
Novelist L. P. Hartley , writing in the London Magazine, expressed the view that the technique was a misuse...
Literary responses Elizabeth Jane Howard
Ruth Scurr in the Telegraph judged EJH to be as impressive a writer as ever in this novel, and instanced her handling of dialogue among children.
Scurr, Ruth. “All Change, by Elizabeth Jane Howard, review”. The Telegraph.
Lettie Ransley in the Guardian wrote that this was...
Literary responses Elizabeth Jane Howard
EJH 's stepson and fellow novelist Martin Amis has written that Howard (with Iris Murdoch ) was the most interesting woman writer of her generation.
Amis, Martin. Experience. Jonathan Cape.
Literary responses Zadie Smith
On the basis of this novel, The Times hailed ZS as canonical, one of a handful of contemporary novelists who really matter and who, we may confidently assume, will last.
Philip Hensher in...
Occupation Maggie Gee
Having been a temporary filing clerk before university, MG worked from 1972 to 1974 for Elsevier International Press at their offices in Oxford, then spent six months on the dole, writing. While working at...
Reception Philip Larkin
Anthony Thwaite edited PL 's Collected Poems in 1988 and his Selected Letters, 1940-1985, in 1992. Andrew Motion published a biography in 1993.
Solo: Search Oxford University Libraries Online.
Both Alan Bennett and Martin Amis have edited selections of Larkin's...
Reception Anita Brookner
This book provoked an unusual article from journalist Mark Lawson , centred less on Brookner than on his own response. I have mocked her dessicated sentences, characterless protagonists and action-free narratives, he wrote. The gist...
Reception Rose Tremain
When in 1983 the magazine Granta presented a list of twenty names identified as the Best Young British Novelists, RT was among them (along with Pat Barker , Martin Amis , Salman Rushdie ...
Reception A. S. Byatt
David Jays , in an article confessing his preference for the current lionesses to the lions among British novelists—a preference, that is, for ASB , Zadie Smith , A. L. Kennedy , Sarah Waters ...


By 20 September 1953: Saul Bellow published The Adventures of Augie...

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By 20 September 1953

Saul Bellow published The Adventures of Augie March. Martin Amis , in later hailing this as the first American novel to show an immigrant as a rightful Discoverer, or a pioneer,
Borne Back Daily. .
21 October 2008

Spring 1983: Granta magazine's first listing of twenty...

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Spring 1983

Granta magazine's first listing of twenty Best of Young British Novelists included the names of six women: Pat Barker , Ursula Bentley , Buchi Emecheta , Maggie Gee , Lisa St Auban de Teran , and Rose Tremain .

By 5 October 1984: Martin Amis published a virtuoso, highly...

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By 5 October 1984

Martin Amis published a virtuoso, highly self-referential novel entitled Money: A Suicide Note.


Amis, Martin. Experience. Jonathan Cape, 2000.