Kingsley Amis

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Dedications Elizabeth Jane Howard
She finished this novel while living in the house of her friend Ursula Vaughan Williams (its dedicatee) after leaving Kingsley Amis .
Howard, Elizabeth Jane. Slipstream. Macmillan.
She was invited to write the script for its filming by Randal Kleiser
Dedications Philip Larkin
A couple of the poems in this volume (dedicated to Kingsley Amis ) date back to 1946. A number of them were later included in The Less Deceived and one in an edition (not the...
Education Philip Larkin
In October 1940 he went up to St John's College, Oxford . He studied English language and literature, and took a first-class Honours BA in 1943. Important friendships formed in his undergraduate days were those...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Jane Howard
EJH married as her third husband the novelist Kingsley Amis , at Marylebone town hall.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Kingsley Amis
Howard, Elizabeth Jane. Slipstream. Macmillan.
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Jane Howard
EJH left her third husband, Kingsley Amis . She told each of her staff, but not Amis, that she was not coming back, and went for a week to a health farm, to let him...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Jane Howard
Kingsley Amis , divorced husband of EJH , died in hospital of pneumonia, following a fall and a suspected stroke.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Amis
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Jennings
She had a remarkably catholic talent for friendship. During her student days she became a friend of Philip Larkin and Kingsley Amis . Her correspondents at this and later periods of her life included her...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Taylor
Friends said that ET was very shy, but cared very much for very few people.
Liddell, Robert, and Francis King. Elizabeth and Ivy. Peter Owen.
She was lucky in that Ivy Compton-Burnett (who was a generation older than she was, and notoriously difficult) and...
Friends, Associates Fay Weldon
Their social circle in north London included many writers and painters, including Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath , David and Assia Wevill , Kingsley Amis and Elizabeth Jane Howard , Bernice Rubens , psychologist R. D. Laing
Friends, Associates Philip Larkin
PL 's friendship with Jim Sutton , dating from his schooldays,terminated abruptly in January 1952.
Brennan, Maeve. The Philip Larkin I Knew. Manchester University Press.
One of his closest male friends, from his university days onwards, was the novelist Kingsley Amis . The...
Intertextuality and Influence Iris Murdoch
Her omnivorous reading during the last year of her degree included the major modern novelists, notably including Proust and Woolf (the darling dangerous woman who made her feel quite incapable of writing anything straight...
Literary responses Elizabeth Jane Howard
The Times Literary Supplement defined the subject-matter here as the flux of relationships at a level of intimacy which demands the most delicate investigation if we are to discover truth.
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
When Howard was already the...
Literary responses Iris Murdoch
For a first publication, this garnered much positive comment. While The Guardian, Sir John Betjeman in the Daily Telegraph, and Angus Wilson in the Observer were comparatively unappreciative, Kingsley Amis in The Spectator...
Literary responses Laura Riding
LR always maintained she was uninterested in her reputation and would take no steps to assist it—though she did care that the record should be accurate, and to that end she wrote a lengthy article...
Literary responses Edith Sitwell
This was praised by British Book News, which rejoiced to find ES 's astonishing verbal dexterity employed in her later work upon themes of ever-increasing profundity . . . . She is a poet...


1951: The title of Leslie Allen Paul's memoirs,...

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The title of Leslie Allen Paul 's memoirs, Angry Young Man, provided the term Angry Young Men, applied in newspapers and then by critics to a group of largely working-class, socially rebellious, young...

14 January 1956: D. J. Enright's anthology Poets of the 1950s...

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14 January 1956

D. J. Enright 's anthologyPoets of the 1950s brought together work by eight poets generally taken to be leading voices in the recently-catagorized, modern but anti-modernist Movement.

By early September 1986: Kingsley Amis published his novel The Old...

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By early September 1986

Kingsley Amis published his novelThe Old Devils, which won the Booker Prize from a strong field after a tie with What's Bred in the Bone by Robertson Davies was broken by a casting...


Amis, Kingsley, editor. The Faber Popular Reciter. Faber and Faber, 1978.