Edwin Muir

Standard Name: Muir, Edwin


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Anthologization Karen Gershon
Edwin Muir included KG 's The Relentless Year, along with work by Iain Crighton Smith and Christopher Levenson , when he edited New Poets 1959.
Gershon, Karen. “The Relentless Year”. New Poets, 1959, edited by Edwin Muir, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1959.
death Willa Muir
Eleven years after the death of her husband , WM died of heart failure in hospital at Dunoon on the Isle of Bute.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Dedications Willa Muir
She relied heavily on her journals for this book, which she dedicated to her late husband .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Muir, Willa. Belonging. Hogarth Press, 1968.
Family and Intimate relationships Willa Muir
WM 's husband, the poet Edwin Muir , died. She wrote later: I could not believe it possible for me to be alive and for him to be dead. . . . We belonged together...
Family and Intimate relationships Willa Muir
Willa Anderson married the future poet and critic Edwin Muir within a year of meeting him, at St Pancras Register Office in London. Friends were sceptical, but their happy marriage lasted forty years.
Muir, Willa. Belonging. Hogarth Press, 1968.
Friends, Associates Kathleen Raine
In later years, KR had a circle of friends at Cambridge which included C. S. Lewis , Edwin Muir and his wife Willa , Elizabeth Jennings , Owen Barfield , A. C. Harwood , Tom Henn
Friends, Associates Catherine Carswell
CC 's friends included Scotswomen she grew up with—doctors Maud McVail and Isobel Hutton , sculptor Phyllis Clay , and musician Maggie Mather . Among her literary friends were Vita Sackville-West (whom she stayed with...
Health Willa Muir
Both WM and her husband suffered from serious cases in 1919 of the famous influenza epidemic which had hit London the previous autumn. Recently arrived in Prague two years later, in a harsher winter than...
Intertextuality and Influence Willa Muir
After attending the theatre regularly in Prague in 1921-2, WM began planning a play on a biblical theme, to dramatize in modern terms the situation in which Noah and his family found themselves once the...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Jennings
As a teenager, EJ read T. S. Eliot and (as she put it) wrote long poems of sort of vers libre which I imagined were influenced by Eliot, and which were very personal, in fact...
Intertextuality and Influence Phyllis Bentley
Her epigraph comes from The Ugly Duchess by the German writer Lion Feuchtwanger : Sleep in Peace, father! I will be different from you.The Ugly Duchess: a historical romance, set in the fourteenth-century...
Intertextuality and Influence Sally Purcell
The short poems of this collection are, as usual with SP , highly allusive. Dr Dee II and Dr Dee III again deal with sixteenth-century magic. Other pieces respond to writing by other poets: to...
Intertextuality and Influence Caroline Blackwood
The novel is epistolary; its protagonist is called only K.—with perhaps some memory of the organizational victim-protagonist Josef K. in Franz Kafka 's The Trial (first translated into English by Willa and Edwin Muir
Intertextuality and Influence Kathleen Raine
For KR , poetic tradition was that of the major romantic poets, headed by Blake and followed by Coleridge , Yeats , and Edwin Muir . She was at Girton when a generation of Cambridge...
Intertextuality and Influence Adrienne Rich
The title poem comes last. Many of the pieces here, like the volume overall, are dedicated to individuals. They include dialogues between the present and the past or future, between personal life and the enormities...


Leonard and Virginia Woolf published Edwin Muir 's First Poems.
Edwin Muir published The Structure of the Novel.
The second number of Orion. A Miscellany appeared: Rosamond Lehmann was one of the editors, along with C. Day Lewis and Edwin Muir .