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Cultural formation Ruth Pitter
RP was baptised an Anglican as a baby by parents who had trained at Church of England colleges but were not churchgoers.
Russell, Arthur et al. “Faithful to Delight: A Portrait Sketch”. Ruth Pitter: Homage to a Poet, edited by Arthur Russell, Rapp and Whiting, pp. 19-40.
Brought up between her father's scepticism and her mother's eclecticism in matters...
Cultural formation Ruth Pitter
RP became a Christian and was confirmed as an Anglican during the second world war. She wrote, There were air raids at night. The factory was dark and dirty. And I remember thinking—well—I must find...
Education Zadie Smith
ZS went to Malorees Junior School and then to Hampstead Comprehensive .
Tew, Philip. Zadie Smith. Palgrave Macmillan.
She was a shy, quiet girl and an overweight, anti-social adolescent, who used reading as an escape and refuge. She also loved...
Education J. K. Rowling
Formative early reading included Richard Scarry and Kenneth Grahame 's The Wind in the Willows. Joanne Rowling did not care for Enid Blyton as a young child but acquired a taste for her later...
Education Malorie Blackman
MB was shaped by her reading outside school. She never entered a bookshop until she was fourteen, but relied on libraries. Early favourites were C. S. Lewis 's Narnia books, Johanna Spyri 's Heidi books...
Family and Intimate relationships Ruth Pitter
RP had a lifelong companion in Kathleen, or K, O'Hara , with whom she both worked and, from soon after the start of their business partnership, lived. It does not appear that this was an...
Friends, Associates Ruth Pitter
Despite her singularly unleisured lifestyle, RP had a remarkable talent for friendship, which extended to people with whom she might be expected to have little in common. Her friendship with Lord David Cecil brought her...
Friends, Associates Kathleen Raine
In later years, KR had a circle of friends at Cambridge which included C. S. Lewis , Edwin Muir and his wife Willa , Elizabeth Jennings , Owen Barfield , A. C. Harwood , Tom Henn
Instructor Elaine Feinstein
She later felt she was lucky to be a postwar student; before then, she would have been as out of place at Newnham as Amy Levy . Christianity was everywhere
Feinstein, Elaine. It Goes with the Territory. Alma.
in the syllabus and...
Instructor Mary Renault
Her godmother Aunt Bertha lent her the funds to attend Oxford. She was greatly influenced by the lectures of Gilbert Murray , Regius Professor of Greek, who lectured on Greek drama and had also founded...
Intertextuality and Influence Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin
The poem The Witch in the Wardrobe, as ENC explained to Colette Bryce , comes in part from the The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis , in which a...
Intertextuality and Influence Kathleen Nott
Here KN writes a lively style, with ingenious images and examples, paradoxes like giving a name a bad dog (by which she means taking a concept like Liberalism or Science and using it pejoratively),
Nott, Kathleen. The Emperor’s Clothes. Heinemann.
Literary responses Charlotte Yonge
E. M. Delafield writes that during the 1940s CY retained wide popularity: that the London Library 's copies of her books were often checked out by readers, and that when Delafield wrote to the Times...
Literary responses Kathleen Nott
This book was controversial. Philip Toynbee called it a rare example of vigorous polemic, witty, hard-hitting and deeply serious.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012]. http://www.gale.com/c/the-times-literary-supplement-historical-archive.
2705 (4 December 1953): 773
The Times responded with a front-page article (anonymous, as all...
Literary responses Ruth Pitter
RP hunted out a copy of this book to present to C. S. Lewis when they first met in July 1946, writing that she thought it, though only grotesque & satirical . . . my...


By late October 1942: C. S. Lewis published the book version of...

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By late October 1942

C. S. Lewis published the book version of The Screwtape Letters, an epistolary fiction in which a senior devil, Screwtape, offers advice to his nephew, a junior devil, on tempting and ultimately damning a...

By late April 1943: C. S. Lewis published Perelandra, the second...

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By late April 1943

C. S. Lewis published Perelandra, the second of his science fiction trilogy, in which the hero, Elwin Ransom, travels to the planet Venus and tries to intervene in that planet's history.

16 October 1950: Literary scholar C. S. Lewis published the...

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16 October 1950

Literary scholar C. S. Lewis published the first of his extremely popular children's books: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
Borne Back Daily. http://borneback.com/ .
16 October 2012


Lewis, C. S. The Discarded Image. Cambridge University Press, 1964.