Geoffrey Chaucer

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death John Dryden
After an immediate burial at St Anne's Church, Soho, Dryden was given a Westminster Abbey funeral and buried in the grave of Chaucer .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.,
Poets lamenting his death included the all-female contributors to The...
Education Annie Tinsley
She was also taught, perhaps between schools, by her father. By the age of eleven she had devoured the poetry of the British Classics from Chaucer to Beattie ,
Peet, Henry. Mrs. Charles Tinsley, Novelist and Poet. Butler and Tanner, 1930.
as well as Burns ,...
Education Dora Greenwell
Thereafter, she taught herself, studying philosophy, Latin, German, Italian, French, political economy, and theology.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.,
Dorling, William. Memoirs of Dora Greenwell. James Clarke, 1885.
She was very well read and took a particular interest in the writings of Caroline Norton , Felicia Hemans
Education Catherine Cookson
As a young adult CC took on her own education. With varying degrees of success she studied grammar, elocution, French, and the violin. She also discovered the public library. Colleagues at work got her to...
Education Charlotte Guest
Lady Charlotte received a standard home education. She soon found that she loved serious learning and set out to pursue it. Studying on her own, she discovered and devoured Chaucer (from whom as an old...
Education Julian of Norwich
Julian of Norwich may have been a learned woman; but if so it is not clear who taught her. She seems to have had a reading knowledge of Latin, and to have known the work...
Education Marjorie Bowen
To educate herself further, she read widely, setting herself literary exercises, writing verse imitating or dramatising Chaucer , Spenser , and Browning . However, she writes that at that time, I had read no really...
Education U. A. Fanthorpe
Here, she said later, she came to life under the influence of her tutor, Dorothy Bednarowska , who taught me to read on the nuance and complexity of Chaucer 's Troilus and Criseyde. This...
Family and Intimate relationships Mina Loy
ML met fellow art student Stephen Haweis at the Académie Colarossi . He was an example of pure British privilege who deliberately defied convention.
Burke, Carolyn. Becoming Modern: The Life of Mina Loy. Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1996.
His father, the Rev. H. R. Haweis, was a fashionable...
Intertextuality and Influence Barbara Pym
The central characters here are Jane Cleveland, a kindly and somewhat fey Oxford don, and Prudence Bates, Jane's former student and surrogate daughter. Jane's main preoccupation is matchmaking for Prudence: she likens herself not only...
Intertextuality and Influence Djuna Barnes
Phillip Herring calls Ryderessentially an autobiographical family chronicle in experimental form.
Herring, Phillip. Djuna: The Life and Work of Djuna Barnes. Penguin, 1995.
In this highly allusive novel, DB imitates and parodies a wide range of literary styles, from Chaucer to nineteenth-century sentimental novels.
Broe, Mary Lynn. “Introduction”. Silence and Power: A Reevaluation of Djuna Barnes, Southern Illinois University Press, 1991, pp. 3-23.
Intertextuality and Influence Evelyn Underhill
Many of these tales are unequivocally charming for a modern reader, but not so Gaude Maria, a version of the story which Chaucer used for his Prioress's Tale, about a poor widow's pious...
Intertextuality and Influence Margaret Roper
More is represented as addressing Margaret alternatively as daughter Marget and mother Eve,
McCutcheon, Elizabeth. “Margaret More Roper: The Learned Woman in Tudor England”. Women Writers of the Renaissance and Reformation, edited by Katharina M. Wilson, University of Georgia Press, 1987, pp. 449-80.
implying that her attempts to persuade him to swear the oath that would save his life are analogous to Eve's...
Intertextuality and Influence Jane Williams
The framework of a group of cultured people standing for different points of view and exchanging ideas owes something to Thomas Love Peacock 's Headlong Hall, 1816 (also set in Wales), but Williams is...
Intertextuality and Influence Jo Shapcott
Epigraphs to particular poems quote Chaucer , Swift , Elizabeth Barrett , Elizabeth Bishop , Geoffrey Bateson , and (most frequently) Elizabeth Hardwick . The title-poem (called by a reviewer Kafka esque)
Wormald, Mark. “Making a virtue of double vision”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 4497, pp. 241-2.


A child later known as Hugh of Lincoln was found dead in that city, and his murder (and torture with other aggravating circumstances) was unjustly blamed on the Jewish community, against whom savage reprisals...
Geoffrey Chaucer circulated in manuscript his unfinished Legende of Good Women.
About 1385
Geoffrey Chaucer published (in manuscript) his narrative poemTroilus and Criseide.
Geoffrey Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales, and gave them some currency in manuscript.
William Caxton printed an edition of Geoffrey Chaucer 's composite narrative poemThe Canterbury Tales.
The Testament of Cresseid by Robert Henryson (one of the Scottish Chaucerians) was printed nearly a century after his death; it redraws the character of Chaucer 's fallen heroine.
The Testament of Cresseid by Robert Henryson (one of the Scottish Chaucerians) was printed nearly a century after his death; it redraws the character of Chaucer 's fallen heroine.
19 June 1725
Dorothy Stanley , née Milborne, published by subscription Sir Philip Sidney 's Arcadia Moderniz'd, in four books (coinciding with the thirteenth edition of the original romance).
English Short Title Catalogue.,
Under the name of Mrs T. K. Hervey, Eleanora Louisa Hervey published The Feasts of Camelot, with the Tales that were Told There.
Frederick Startridge Ellis began his publishing career by issuing (in a single volume) parts one and two of William Morris 's poem or series of poems The Earthly Paradise.
14 May 1885
Americans Elizabeth Robins Pennell and Joseph Pennell dated their preface to A Canterbury Pilgrimage (written by her, illustrated by him) about a three-day journey by tandem tricycle from London to Canterbury loosely following the footsteps...
26 June 1896
William Morris 's Kelmscott Press published the works of Chaucer , one of its most splendid and famous productions.
1 November 1907
The British Museum 's reading room reopened after being cleaned and redecorated; the dome was embellished with the names of canonical male writers, beginning with Chaucer and ending with Browning .
After 18 March 1954
English-educated, American historical or biographicalnovelist Anya Seton issued her best-known work, Katherine, about the commoner from whom descends every English monarch since Henry VII .
Margaret Stanley Wrench translated and supplied an introdction for Chaucer 's Troilus and Criseyde.


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