Robert Louis Stevenson

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Cultural formation Edith Lyttelton
EL 's ancestors were Scottish; they hailed from Midlothian. They claimed kinship with David Balfour, the hero of Robert Louis Stevenson 's Kidnapped, and Sir John Harington , the Elizabethan inventor of the water closet.
Oliver Lyttelton, first Viscount Chandos,. The Memoirs of Lord Chandos. Bodley Head.
Education Rosemary Sutcliff
Rosemary's mother was probably her most important teacher. She told her stories which, no matter how outlandish and fantastic, the very young Rosemary accepted as literal truth; she later imparted all kinds of varied information...
Education Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
Taught by governesses until she was thirteen, Margaret Haig Thomas learned to read at about five. She was taught German and French, and she also learned Welsh as a child but did not retain it...
Education Mary Wesley
Mary acquired various country skills, like milking (by hand), butter-making, and of course riding.
Wesley, Mary, and Kim Sayer. Part of the Scenery. Bantam.
19, 20
She was not expected, however, to need to acquire skills that were marketable. Initially she was educated by about...
Education Jean Rhys
At a very young age, JR imagined that God was a book. She was so slow to read that her parents were concerned, but then suddenly found herself able to read even the longer words...
Education Hilary Mantel
HM later wrote of her earliest memory. Her early world, she said, was synaesthesic.
Mantel, Hilary. “Giving up the Ghost: A Memoir”. London Review of Books, pp. 8-13.
Mantel, Hilary. Giving up the Ghost. Fourth Estate.
As a child she was constantly reading and always enacting some fictional role. Anyone who hesitates near me...
Family and Intimate relationships Graham Greene
Marion Greene was also, on her mother's side, a first cousin once removed of Robert Louis Stevenson .
Sherry, Norman. The Life of Graham Greene: Volume I. Random House.
36, 38
Family and Intimate relationships Catherine Carswell
CC 's father, George Gray Macfarlane , had worked as a young man in the Caribbean and the USA. He exported textiles to the West Indies and was president and a founder of the YMCA
Family and Intimate relationships Henrietta Camilla Jenkin
Charles Jenkin's family was Welsh but had lived in England for generations and was now settled at Northiam in Sussex. His father had died eight months before, leaving nothing but debt behind him. Charles...
Family and Intimate relationships Henrietta Camilla Jenkin
Fleeming (pronounced Fleming) Jenkin had great abilities that were evident from an early age. His biographer, Robert Louis Stevenson , rates his mother's influence over him very high, and admires though he cannot wholly approve...
Friends, Associates George Meredith
GM knew the poets Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Algernon Swinburne —he sometimes stayed with them while in London. He also knew Emma Caroline Wood , Lucie Duff Gordon , Leslie Stephen , Anne Thackeray Ritchie
Friends, Associates Alice Meynell
On her trip to the United States, AM met the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson , and the English philosopher Alfred North Whitehead and his wife Evelyn Wade .
Meynell, Viola. Alice Meynell: A Memoir. J. Cape.
177, 187
Friends, Associates Elma Napier
EN 's aristocratic lineage brought her into contact with many notable government and royal figures. As a young girl, she often visited the fifteenth-century Château de Breteuil, not far from Paris, home of her...
Friends, Associates Rudyard Kipling
Kipling's fame brought easy acquaintances with celebrities. In November 1894, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stayed as a guest in his American home. On the death in Samoa of Robert Louis Stevenson (whom he had never...
Friends, Associates Anne Thackeray Ritchie
In London ATR connected or re-connected with friends including Kipling , Robert Louis Stevenson , Sidney Lee , Arnold Bennett , and Rhoda Broughton .
Gérin, Winifred. Anne Thackeray Ritchie: A Biography. Oxford University Press.
260-1, 272


13 November 1850: Robert Louis Stevenson, novelist and travel...

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13 November 1850

Robert Louis Stevenson , novelist and travel writer, was born in Edinburgh.

By 1 December 1883: Robert Louis Stevenson published his most...

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By 1 December 1883

Robert Louis Stevenson published his most famous children's book, the boys' adventure storyTreasure Island.

By 13 May 1885: Robert Louis Stevenson published A Child's...

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By 13 May 1885

Robert Louis Stevenson published A Child's Garden of Verses, a collection of rhymes which proved to have great staying power, and was hardly out of print for a hundred years.

30 September 1885: H. Rider Haggard published his first successful...

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30 September 1885

H. Rider Haggard published his first successful adventurenovel, King Solomon's Mines (which he said he wrote in six weeks to win a bet with his brother that he could equal Stevenson 's Treasure Island).

By 16 January 1886: Robert Louis Stevenson published The Strange...

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By 16 January 1886

Robert Louis Stevenson published The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

1 May 1886: Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Kidnapped...

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1 May 1886

Robert Louis Stevenson 's novelKidnapped began serialization in Young Folks magazine. It was an instant and huge hit.
Borne Back Daily. .
1 May 2012

1887: The monthly Atalanta: Every Girl's Magazine...

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The monthlyAtalanta: Every Girl's Magazine began publication.

3 December 1894: Robert Louis Stevenson, novelist and travel...

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3 December 1894

Robert Louis Stevenson , novelist and travel writer, died in Apia, Samoa.

1996: US punk writer Kathy Acker published Pussy,...

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US punk writer Kathy Acker published Pussy, King of the Pirates, a feminist-pornographic reworking of Robert Louis Stevenson 's Treasure Island in which the treasure-seekers are a band of women pirates.

1 July 2007: British publisher Tank Books released a series...

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1 July 2007

British publisher Tank Books released a series of classic books, Tales to Take Your Breath Away, designed to mimic cigarette packets—the same size, packaged in flip-top cartons with silver foil wrapping and sealed in cellophane.
TankBooks: Tales to Take Your Breath Away.


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Stevenson, Robert Louis. The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson. Editors Booth, Bradford A. and Ernest Mehew, Yale University Press, 1994.