Franz Kafka

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Friends, Associates Edith Templeton
In 1984 the novelist Anita Brookner met ET at Bordighera. After their meeting, according to Templeton, they corresponded until the friendship was broken by Templeton's shock at discovering that Brookner had trained with Anthony Blunt
Intertextuality and Influence Jackie Kay
One story, Shell, draws from Kafka 's Metamorphosis, as an overweight single mother grows a shell and becomes a tortoise. Almost all of the stories focus on women, and the most optimistic concern...
Intertextuality and Influence Ali Smith
Autumn centres around the intergenerational friendship of 32-year-old art-history lecturer Elisabeth Demand and her childhood neighbour, the clever and lively Daniel Gluck, now 101 years old and quietly existing in a care home. Through silent...
Intertextuality and Influence Caroline Blackwood
The novel is epistolary; its protagonist is called only K.—with perhaps some memory of the organizational victim-protagonist Josef K. in Franz Kafka 's The Trial (first translated into English by Willa and Edwin Muir
Intertextuality and Influence Anne Carson
Organized into thirty-four short chapters on ancient Greek love lyrics, this work is a scholarly analysis of eros as an elemental metaphysical structure of human life. In characteristically eccentric fashion, AC begins her study of...
Intertextuality and Influence Anne Carson
AC 's contributions include rendering Fragment 286 by the Greek poet Ibykos in the manner successively of various more modern voices: John Donne , Samuel Beckett , Franz Kafka , an FBI report on Bertolt Brecht
Intertextuality and Influence Hélène Cixous
Other texts that HC considers here are Franz Kafka 's Before the Law (a segment of The Trial), James Joyce 's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and seven works...
Literary responses Jean Rhys
Critically, Rhys has been lauded as a modernist writer, a feminist writer, and, more recently, a postcolonial, Caribbean, or Creole writer. Biographer Carole Angier suggests that her preoccupation with exile was common in her time...
Literary responses Anna Kavan
Anaïs Nin , in The Novel of the Future, pronounced AK 's Asylum Piece to be a classic equal to the work of Kafka .
Nin, Anaïs. The Novel of the Future. Macmillan.
Nin, Anaïs. The Novel of the Future. Macmillan.
Literary responses Anna Kavan
Jonathan Lethem revisited Ice in the New York Times fifty years after it appeared, in advance of its anniversary re-issue as a Penguin classic. His notice opened arrestingly: Anna Kavan's Ice is book like the...
Literary responses Medbh McGuckian
Thomas McCarthy wrote in the Cork Literary Review that this volume consolidates what is already an achieved and unique presence in Irish poetry. Her mind is astonishing—within her world Kafka dines comfortably with Vita Sackville-West .
The Gallery Press.
Literary responses Marjorie Bowen
Critic Edward Wagenknecht , believing that the author's creative powers were at their peak at the very end of her life,
Wagenknecht, Edward. Seven Masters of Supernatural Fiction. Greenwood Press.
compares the book's imaginative appeal to that of the German romanticists. He argues...
Literary responses Marjorie Bowen
MB was admired in her own day by others who prided themselves on the popular touch in their writing: Mark Twain , Walter de la Mare , Compton Mackenzie , and Hugh Walpole , who...
Literary responses Ivy Compton-Burnett
During the early part of ICB 's career she was little regarded or understood. Raymond Mortimer was one of the first to perceive her quality, and she quickly began to attract the attention of younger...
Material Conditions of Writing Willa Muir
After WM finished translating Kafka 's short-story volume The Penal Colony, Stories and Short Pieces, she broke down from exhaustion: my ravaged nervous system began to make itself more felt: I found myself shivering...


3 July 1883: Franz Kafka, novelist, was born in Prague,...

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3 July 1883

Franz Kafka , novelist, was born in Prague, Bohemia.

3 June 1924: Franz Kafka, novelist, died in Kierling,...

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3 June 1924

Franz Kafka , novelist, died in Kierling, Austria.

1937: The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka (1884-1924)—published...

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The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka (1884-1924)—published in German as Die Verwandlung—first appeared in English, translated by A. L. Lloyd ; its English title was later Metamorphosis.

1983: The title of Maggie Ross's novel Milena,...

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The title of Maggie Ross 's novelMilena, published by Collins , refers to Kafka 's mistress Milena Jesenská .

16 April 2007: Novelist Yann Martel began a project of sending...

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16 April 2007

Novelist Yann Martel began a project of sending a book every two weeks to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper together with an admonitory letter; on a website he recorded the books sent and gave the...

1 July 2007: British publisher Tank Books released a series...

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1 July 2007

British publisher Tank Books released a series of classic books, Tales to Take Your Breath Away, designed to mimic cigarette packets—the same size, packaged in flip-top cartons with silver foil wrapping and sealed in cellophane.
TankBooks: Tales to Take Your Breath Away.


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