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Occupation William Morris
WM with printer Emery Walker established the Kelmscott Press at 16 Upper Mall, Hammersmith, to embody in hand-made books the ideals of the arts and crafts movement.
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Occupation William Morris
WM published the first volume of his successful poem The Earthly Paradise (said to be the longest in the English language) in 1868; two other volumes followed in 1870. He delivered hundreds of lectures on...
Publishing Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
JFLW received £25 for the rights from William Morris , and in December 1893 he signed one of three hundred copies from the new illustrated edition published by Kelmscott Press .
Melville, Joy. Mother of Oscar. John Murray.
Reception Anna Swanwick
In 1858 AS became one of the first female members of the Royal Institution .
The Institution, founded in 1799, calls itself on its website the oldest independent research body in the world, and has...
Textual Production Augusta Gregory
The autobiographical poems, published by Kelmscott in a volume of Blunt's poetry, were composed by AG at the end of her love affair with Blunt in the summer of 1883. Eight years later she gave...


1891: William Morris published his collection Poems...

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William Morris published his collection Poems by the Way at his own Kelmscott Press .

December 1894: The Ashendene Press was established by Charles...

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December 1894

The Ashendene Press was established by Charles Harry St John Hornby and Emery Walker at Bayford in Hertfordshire; Walker and Sydney Cockerell designed its Subiaco type in 1900.

26 June 1896: William Morris's Kelmscott Press published...

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26 June 1896

William Morris 's Kelmscott Press published the works of Chaucer , one of its most splendid and famous productions.

April 1900: Doves Press was founded at Hammersmith by...

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April 1900

Doves Press was founded at Hammersmith by T. J. Cobden-Sanderson and Emery Walker ; with the Kelmscott Press , it made a major contribution to the revival of fine printing.


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