Robert Henryson

Standard Name: Henryson, Robert


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Intertextuality and Influence Sheenagh Pugh
SP cites her favourite English-language poet as the Scottish ChaucerianRobert Henryson . Other favourites include Sir Thomas Wyatt , George Herbert , Louis MacNeice , Louise Glück , and Edwin Morgan . SP has...
Textual Production Laura Riding
LR published A Trojan Ending, her novel about Cressida, the Greek heroine of Chaucer , Robert Henryson , and Shakespeare .
Friedmann, Elizabeth. A Mannered Grace. Persea Books.
Wexler, Joyce Piell. Laura Riding: A Bibliography. Garland.


1593: The Testament of Cresseid by Robert Henryson...

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The Testament of Cresseid by Robert Henryson (one of the Scottish Chaucerians) was printed nearly a century after his death; it redraws the character of Chaucer 's fallen heroine.


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