Anti-Corn Law League


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politics Isabella Banks
In late 1838 (the year that she had both opened her own school and joined the ManchesterMechanics' Institute in order to keep pursuing her own education), the seventeen-year-old Isabella Varley became a founding member...
politics George Eliot
Mary Ann Evans (later GE ) sided with Robert Owen , John Bright , and their mutual friend Charles Bray , chairman of the local Anti-Corn Law League , in opposing the Corn Laws.
Karl, Frederick R. George Eliot: Voice of a Century. W.W. Norton.
politics Elizabeth Gaskell
The Gaskells distanced themselves from political movements of the day such as Chartism and the Anti-Corn Law League . While many of her Unitarian friends were keen supporters of the latter, EG tried to remain...
politics Harriet Martineau
She continued to support causes such as abolitionism and the Anti-Corn Law League , for which she undertook to write a tale in 1845. She did not have much sympathy for Italian unification (a cause...


20 March 1839: The Anti-Corn Law League was founded....

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20 March 1839

The Anti-Corn Law League was founded.

February 1842: A grand bazaar organised by women raised...

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February 1842

A grand bazaar organised by women raised £10,000 for the Anti-Corn Law League .

26 June 1846: The Corn Laws were repealed by Sir Robert...

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26 June 1846

The Corn Laws were repealed by Sir Robert Peel 's Conservative government, after much agitation by groups such as the Anti-Corn Law League and in face of the growing urgency of the Great Famine in Ireland.


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