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death Isa Blagden
After a brief illness, IB died at her villa near Florence; she was buried in the English cemetery in Florence.
Raymond, William O. “Our Lady of Bellosguardo: A Pastel Portrait”. University of Toronto Quarterly, Vol.
, pp. 446-63.
Browning, Robert, and Isa Blagden. “Introduction”. Dearest Isa: Robert Browning’s Letters to Isabella Blagden, edited by Edward C. McAleer, Greenwood Press, p. xix - xxxiii.
death Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The shops surrounding the house closed for mourning, and the newspapers announced the death of the greatest living poet and a fervent supporter of the Italian cause. Her funeral traced the route through the city...
death Jessie Ellen Cadell
She was buried, says Richard Garnett, in the cemetery which holds the remains of Mrs. Browning and Landor and Theodore Parker and so many other gifted men and women of English race.
Garnett, Richard et al. “Introduction”. The Ruba’yat of Omar Khayam, edited by Richard Garnett, translated by. Jessie Ellen Cadell, John Lane, p. v - xxx.
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death Arthur Hugh Clough
AHC , poet and professor, died at Florence in Italy. He was buried in the English Cemetery .
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder.
death Frances Trollope
She had continued to exercise regularly and take day trips, and died peacefully in her bed at the Villino Trollope. She was buried in the English CemeteryFlorence by her son Thomas Adolphus ...


17 September 1864: Walter Savage Landor, poet and essayist,...

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17 September 1864

Walter Savage Landor , poet and essayist, died in Florence, Italy, and was buried in the English Cemetery there.


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