Baptist Church


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Characters Laura Ormiston Chant
Sellcuts' Manager cannot be isolated from Chant's then-still-notorious attack on the Empire Theatre , as well as her belief in temperance. From Mora's narrative to the idealized Palace of Amusements that reflects Chant's earlier writings...
Cultural formation Dinah Mulock Craik
DMC 's mother was from the English artisan class, and her father was descended from minor Irish gentry. She grew up in a professional, Baptist family, and her childhood was characterized by financial insecurity.
Mitchell, Sally. Dinah Mulock Craik. Twayne.
Cultural formation Rebecca Travers
She was originally a Baptist and was converted to Quakerism by James Nayler . She remained loyal to Nayler, even after he was disgraced and condemned by George Fox . RT organised the first women's...
Cultural formation Susanna Watts
Although she was baptised in the Church ofEngland , SW was remarkable for her principled empathy and personal friendships with Dissenters .
Aucott, Shirley. Susanna Watts (1768 to 1842): author of Leicester’s first guide, abolitionist and bluestocking. Shirley Aucott.
The Feminist Companion calls her an evangelical; Jack Simmons , in his...
Cultural formation Sarah Davy
SD , apparently by birth an Englishwoman of the middling ranks and an Anglican , converted, as one of the most significant actions of her life, to join an Independent or Baptist congregation. Some modern...
Cultural formation Katharine Evans
KE grew up an Anglican , but was clearly a religious seeker, since she joined the Baptists , then the Independents , before becoming one of the Society of Friends very soon after its inception...
Cultural formation Anne Wentworth
She was or became a fervent Anabaptist, the sect from which the Baptists of today descend. But for twenty years, she later wrote, though she had a high opinion of her own religious state, she...
Cultural formation Isabella Neil Harwood
Her father's family had a Baptist background, but there is no record that Phillip himself was ever a member of a Baptist church. By the time INH was born, he had already been a Unitarian
Cultural formation Anne Wentworth
AW was also becoming dissatisfied not only with her husband but also with the proceedings of the Baptist community to which they both belonged. (This was the Baptist church of Stoke Newington, which was...
Cultural formation Elizabeth Hooton
Elizabeth was born to a Baptist family, and was very active within the movement. She was already an established preacher well before she became perhaps the first person to join George Fox in the embryonic...
Cultural formation Lucy Hutchinson
LH and her husband became Baptists : that is, they became convinced that infant baptism is wrong, and that people should be old enough to take the decision for themselves before they were baptised.
Hutchinson, Lucy. Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson. Editor Sutherland, James, Oxford University Press.
Cultural formation Lucy Hutchinson
She grew up in the Puritan part of the Anglican faith. She came to share some of the beliefs of the Baptist s, and later still of the Presbyterian s or Independents . She then...
Cultural formation Maria De Fleury
MDF was a fervent Protestant, who had dealings with the sect of Baptists , as well as attending an Independent or Presbyterian congregation headed by John Towers (who wrote one of the prefaces to her...
Cultural formation Clara Balfour
Herself baptised (after her father's death) into the Church of England , she later converted and joined the Baptists with the rest of her family in 1840.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Cultural formation Flora Klickmann
FK grew up English, but was the daughter of an immigrant originally from Germany, and may have had a French grandmother, wife of the grandfather who had been born at Stettin in 1813. Her surname...


By May 1619: The Calvinist Synod of Dort in Holland confirmed...

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By May 1619

The Calvinist Synod of Dort in Holland confirmed the doctrine of total human depravity, setting it at the head of their articles of doctrine.

Spring-summer 1647: A London Baptist girl in her teens, Sarah...

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Spring-summer 1647

A LondonBaptist girl in her teens, Sarah Wight , fell into a months-long trance, the climax of four years of spiritual turmoil about which she later published a pamphlet.

January 1654: The radical Baptist/Fifth Monarchist Vavasor...

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January 1654

The radical Baptist /Fifth MonarchistVavasor Powell was tried by the Council of State at Whitehall, London.

Probably 1659: Margaret Abbott, a convert from the Church...

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Probably 1659

Margaret Abbott , a convert from the Church of England to the Baptists , published with her name her only text, A Testimonyagainst the False Teachers of this Generation.

27 December 1831: A major slave uprising, the Baptist War,...

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27 December 1831

A major slave uprising, the Baptist War, Christmas Rebellion, or Great Jamaican Slave Revolt, began with the setting afire of the Kensington Estate. Over the next two weeks it spread to several more parishes, causing...

1925: The Baptist Church officially recognised...

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The Baptist Church officially recognised women pastors.

1957: The Baptist Church allowed women pastors...

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The Baptist Church allowed women pastors to use the title of minister.


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