Frances Trollope

Standard Name: Trollope, Frances
Birth Name: Frances Milton
Nickname: Fanny
Married Name: Frances Trollope
Frances Trollope is best known for her novels and travel writing about early nineteenth-century America. She was also known for her outspoken social reform novels, and for her depictions of independent, intelligent, vulgar and manipulative women—often unmarried or widowed—who scheme intellectually-inferior men out of money and into marriage. FT was herself known as blunt, intelligent, and witty; her writing reflects these traits, her Tory politics, and her advocacy for slaves, women, and the poor. She often introduced current witticisms and colloquialisms into her prose. Although she began writing only in her early fifties, she published thirty-four novels, six travel books, two long narrative poems, several verse dramas, scripts for home theatricals and many periodical contributions over a span of thirty years.
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death Isa Blagden
Her grave is near those of her friends Elizabeth Barrett Browning , Theodosia Trollope and Frances Trollope ).
Family and Intimate relationships Anthony Trollope
His mother, Frances (Milton) Trollope was a prolific novelist, whose writing became the chief support of her family.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Family and Intimate relationships Joanna Trollope
The novelists Frances Trollope and her far more famous son Anthony Trollope were collateral but not direct ancestors of JT . She has praised them both warmly in print, perhaps more for their personal qualities...
Fictionalization Frances Wright
As so many of FW 's works were addressed to particular occasions, so their later publishing history has tended to reflect the immediate political goals of various socialist or feminist movements at later moments in...
Friends, Associates Eliza Lynn Linton
Eliza Lynn met a number of women authors who were once applauded but later complacently forgotten . . . . as literary fossils.
Linton, Eliza Lynn, and Beatrice Harraden. My Literary Life. Hodder and Stoughton.
She contended that Women who wrote were then few and far...
Friends, Associates Frances Wright
In Philadelphia FW made acquaintances including famous local publisher Matthew Carey , actor Thomas Abthorpe Cooper , Portuguese ambassador Correa da Serra , and Napoleon's brother Joseph Bonaparte .
Eckhardt, Celia Morris. Fanny Wright. Harvard University Press.
30, 33
During her time in...
Friends, Associates Jane Loudon
Catherine Crowe , initially a friend of both JL and her husband, stayed a while with Jane and her daughter in summer 1850, and shared her interest in spiritualism with Agnes. About four years later...
Friends, Associates Frances Wright
On her voyage back to Europe, FW had as companion Robert Owen 's son, Robert Dale Owen . During her stay in Europe, she made the acquaintance of Mary Shelley (who became a friend and...
Friends, Associates Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton, first Earl Lytton
His international travel and family ties to England's literary scene ensured him a wide social circle. He knew Charles Dickens , John Forster , and Frances Mary Peard . While living in Florence, he became...
Friends, Associates Frances Wright
Mary Shelley was present at FW 's departure. Frances Trollope was disappointed by the conditions of the colony and even more so by what she felt had been a misrepresentation of its advantages. Fearing for...
Friends, Associates Mary Russell Mitford
She knew most of the literary women of her day, including Felicia Hemans (who wrote to ask her for an autograph),
L’Estrange, Alfred Guy Kingham, editor. The Friendships of Mary Russell Mitford as Recorded in Letters from Her Literary Correspondents. Hurst and Blackett.
1: 173-4
Jane Porter , Amelia Opie (that warm-hearted person),
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2: 213
Friends, Associates Frances Eleanor Trollope
In addition to her supportive professional relationship with her husband, FET was also close to other writers such as Charles Dickens , her brother-in-law Anthony Trollope , her mother-in-law Frances Trollope , and George Eliot
Friends, Associates Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
In later years MCH continued to maintain relations with several significant literary figures. She was once visited by Frances Trollope , whom she described as A genial, natural woman, not especially refined, but far too...
Intertextuality and Influence Isabella Bird
She used her royalties to buy boats for impoverished Scottish fishermen.
Kaye, Evelyn. Amazing Traveler, Isabella Bird: The Biography of a Victorian Adventurer. Blue Penguin Publications.
There were literary precedents for the kind of book IB created on her return to England. Frances Trollope had published in 1832 her...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Gaskell
EG wrote Mary Barton following the death of her ten-month-old son in 1845. Johann Ludwig Uhland 's Auf der Überfahrt, from which she takes one of her epigraphs, refers to two from the spirit-land...


1827: Giuseppe Gioachino Belli began to publish...

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Giuseppe Gioachino Belli began to publish I Sonetti; the last of them appeared in 1849.

3 June 1829: Publisher Henry Colburn went into partnership...

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3 June 1829

Publisher Henry Colburn went into partnership with Richard Bentley (1794 - ­1871) (who, in order to do this, had just dissolved the partnership between himself and his brother Samuel Bentley as printers).

6 July 1839: In A Diary in America, Frederick Marryat...

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6 July 1839

In A Diary in America, Frederick Marryat promoted the stereotype that middle-class Americans adhered to a more strict paradigm of prudishness than their British counterparts, and apparently gave rise to the myth that Victorians...

By 29 August 1846: Cecilia Tilley (a daughter of Frances Trollope,...

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By 29 August 1846

Cecilia Tilley (a daughter of Frances Trollope , who died two years later, at thirty-one, of tuberculosis) published Chollerton: a tale of our times, as by a Lady.

9 April 1855: American Daniel Dunglas Home arrived in England...

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9 April 1855

American Daniel Dunglas Home arrived in England as a self-proclaimed spiritualist missionary.

By Christmas 1869: Francis Galton, mathematician, scientist,...

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By Christmas 1869

Francis Galton , mathematician, scientist, and eugenicist, published Hereditary Genius: An Enquiry into its Laws and Consequences,


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